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posted by Cries_Bloodlova
Theres a gurll named Jenni she was Sad. Veri Sad. Till 1 día she was Riding The bus a Guy She Relly Liked Sat siguiente 2 her. She put Her Head Down as He staired At her. Poofy blk Hair n her rosado, rosa plushy lips. as She Got Off The bus he Flowed.
"hi. im Paul" he dicho Jenni Kept Walking
"hello. Xuse me" he ConTinued
"What! She Yelled
"O nothing i Just wanted 2 say hi"
"Yea ok" she dicho Veri sad, n Then Turned n walked away.
when she Gets inicial She Looks herself in The mirror. n She cried. She Cried The Rest of The nite.Y cuz she loved him. n They Could Never b.
She cut Her Wrist Deeply.The Way Her corazón Feels. Then She Feel asleep.
The siguiente Day, She Got up blood Was EveryWhere.She knew Y.
So She Got Ready 4 Skool.
Waiting 4 The bus Paul Came Bakk.
"Um u look nice today." He said
Jenni Felt like criing.
"Ok" she Contiued
He Reached Out 4 Her Hand.Took it in his.
Holdin hands 2 brokin Hearts Becom Jenni Looks Up She Thinks *it cant b it Wont b in it will never b*....
posted by Cries_Bloodlova
as they Bored the bus hand in hand, people began to stare. They sat down siguiente to each other opon the bus. The road in sighlents. While there Paul Leaves Jenni To chill out with His Friends...Paul was no emo guy but Still Jenni liked him. When he was Done Chatting away Jenni was sitting all alone.
"hey." he dicho sheepishly.
"hello." Jenni Replied.
"are tu ready to go to class?" he asked. She nodded.
Three mouths Later Jenni and paul have been dateing Jenni Had Fallin deeply in amor With Paul and Paul Felt the same way, o did he. One día When Jenni was sitting in The park Paul Ran up to her Screaming....
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