The winner of the talent mostrar Amici, Emma Marrone, linked to the dancer Stefano De Martino, reveals the weekly Seen some details of his amor story. Stefano indeed currently resides in America thanks to a contract of employment with the Complexion and Emma feels very his lack:

Stefano lies in the right place at right time: is happy, he is working a lot and I can only be happy for him. Then, thanks to Skype, we can see and hear every día without spending money. Lack there is, pay attention to these issues. Particularly in small things. But there is a very strong wire that connects us and Stefano the closest I have been hearing that is far away now

"It seems strange, but in reality is a bit like the song says of Domenico Modugno: remoteness large fires and feeds off the small ones. Our fuego burns and is always fed. Yet are only four months: there are people that goes to war, o emigrate for years. "

The singer pugliese, whose fuente was attributed a flirt with Valerio Scanu, is going through Italy for promotion of his new disc due out this autumn: among the most important projects in the short term? Go to live alone!