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elfen lied
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 1

Lucy: *now 16, escritura in her journal:

"We have been joined por many new Autobots on Earth. One of them is Sideswipe, a silver New Countach LP500S, and he is a very skilled warrior. Mirage is a great guy all around, and he transforms into a Red F-1 Ligier JS11 racer. Trailbreaker is a bit on the negative side, and he transforms into a Toyota 4WD Hi-Lux camper truck. Hoist is an amazing engineer, and he transforms into a Ford F-350 tow truck. Blowpipe is very curious, and he transforms into a Chevrolet Silverado pickup truck. Jazz is a very spirited solider, and transforms into a Porsche...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 1

Bethor looked upon the great Cybertronian city of Iacon. Bethor was a large Cybertronian with demonic, bat like wings, clawed feet, green eyes, and a very demonic smile.

"Soon...very soon...I shall rule this world and all others..." Bethor thought to himself as he grabbed a small vase and smashed it in his hands.

"Excuse me, Lord Bethor" A voiced asked in the distance.

"You may enter, Ophiel" Bethor responded in a quiet tone.

"Lord Bethor, the Council of Primes has announced a startling finding" Ophiel told Bethor. Ophiel was a large tank and alligator-like Transformer.

"And what...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 2

*Sahara Desert, Africa*

Megatron: *Sees a group of military vehicles approaching* Kakuzawa?

Starscream: It looks like it...

*The trucks stop, Kurama and Dr. Kakuzawa come out of the trucks*

Kurama: Lord Megatron, we have come to make a deal.

Megatron: And the deal is?

Kurama: *Reveals four Decepticons* We shall trade you...

Starscream: It’s Blight, Needlenose, Spinster, Runamuck, and Sparkcrusher!

Megatron: We shall have our soldiers back...

Kurama: And we want Lucy.

Megatron: And why is that, fleshling?

Kurama: That is classified information.

Megatron: ...fine. Then we have a deal, human insect....
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elfen lied
posted by BlondLionEzel
Episode 3

*Gobi Desert, Mongolia*

*An Autobot ship crashes*

Wingblade: *A red A-10 Thunderbolt* What is this place?

Cliffjumper: *A naranja Dodge Challenger* It’s somewhere called Earth.

Arcee: *A rosado, rosa racing motorcycle* An Autobot sent a distress signal...we must find him!

Landmine: *A green dune buggy* Right!

*San Francisco*

Sideswipe: *Firing at Blight and Spinster*

Needlenose: *Chasing Lucy* Get back here, tu pest!

Little Boy: *Looking for his mother* Mommy! Where are you??

Lucy: *Picks up the Little Boy and tries to find his mother* Don’t worry little one!

Needlenose: *Fires at Lucy*

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Source: Screencaps I took while re-watching the series.
posted by BlondLionEzel
(Part 4)

*7 years later*

Lucy: *sighs*

Airline: *sees her* Whats wrong Lucy?

Lucy: Volt...

Airline: I understand. I lost a lot of friends in many battles...*hugs her*

*Demental Alarm rings*

Airline: Uh oh! I have to go, sorry.

Lucy: It's ok...

Airline: *converts and flies off*

*Flame, Blaster, Aqua, Breeze, Blizzard, Shados, Gourai, Tategami, Rapido, Einstein, Radar, Bazooka, Salvage, Flasher, War Hammer, Code-Red, Salvage, Glide, and Aquajet go to the site*

Aquajet: What is going on?

Lindwurm: *activates the el espacio Bridge*

*the moon*

*Hundreds of Drone's go through the gate and enter Earth*

Flame: Elementals!...
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added by IllusionDolls
Source: Screencaps I took while re-watching the series.
Part 2

*Death Valley, CA*

Slingshot: *Driving in the middle of Drift and Bumblebee*

Drift: So where are heading, Bee?

Bumblebee: To wherever Prime used the el espacio bridge, and I think this is Death Valley.

Drift: What's Death Valley?

Lucy: *Inside of Bumblebee* It's a big desert in California, it's lower than the sea level.

Drift: Interesting...

Bumblebee: *Looks around and sees 3 Rally Fighters*

Rally Fighters: *Are all black*

Slingshot: That looks suspicious...should we go check it out?

Rally Fighters: *Transform into 3 Dreadlocks*

Bumblebee: Dreadlocks! *Parks and opens door* Lucy get out!

Lucy: *Runs...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
(Part 3)

Lucy: *polishing Snow Cat, a White and Purple Ice Elemental that converts into a Snowmobile*

Snow Cat: Nice Job, Lucy!

Lucy: Thanks, Snow Cat.

Volt: *a Blue Electric Elemental that converts into a Chevy Volt* Lucy! There tu are.

Lucy: Hi Volt! How are you?

Volt: Great. Did tu see the Meteors?

Lucy: Huh?

Volt: Those Meteors! *points to three objects falling to Earth*

Drag-Blast: *a Yellow and Purple Earth Elemental that converts into a Dragster* Those are Pods!

Lucy: Like the ones with Elementals?


Flame: Volt, your team stay here with Lucy!

Volt: Of course!

Flame: Everyone else,...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Part 1

This takes place 3 years after the defeat of Dragon, the evil leader of Dementals. The Elementals had made a treaty with Earth...

In a Forest, Japan

Blaster: *chasing three Vehicle Drones*

Drone: *fires missile*

Blaster: *dodges* That was a close one!

Rapido: *a Blue Wind Elemental who converts to a Ferrari 458 Italia* I got this one! *destroys Drone one with arm-blades*

Blaster: Good Job!

Rapido: *grins*

Drone Two: *converts to Jet*

Blaster: Not these one's again!

Glide: *a Green Wind Elemental that converts to a Helicopter* Don't worry! I am patrolling the Wind-Sky! *uses misil to destroy Drone...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Part 2:

Lily: *styling Lucy's hair*

Lucy: Why does Dad have to go out on missions?

Lily: Because the Elementals have deal with japón to help them out.

Lucy: Ok Mama.

*At Illegal Diclonuis Test Facility*

Guard 1: *sees Blaster, Rapido, Shados, Einstein, and Aqua in alt modes*

Rapido: *turns to Elemental mode* oh yeah! *smashes the gate with talons*

Blaster: *turns into stealth force mode and blasts the Robot Guards*

*Five minutos later*

Diclonius Girls: *run out of the Facility*

Aqua: Nice job guys!

Shados: I did the best!

Aqua: *sighs* I meant all of you...

Blaster: Doesn't it feel good to help people?

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elfen lied
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