OK!said all the eevees at once.but what is your name?Pikachu!the trainer said.so pikachu threw 7 pokeballs at once.i know i am only allowed to have five with me.said pikachu giggling.i do not care come on all of you!pikachu was running all the way to littleroot town.she dicho to her mom.
mom tell proffesor rowan i do not want any of his starter pokemon!tell him i am letting tu have it!
ok sweetie.ok bye mom my adventure is gonna start!
ok come on little eevees.who wants to evolve?as pikachu held up the thunder stone.me!yelled a boy pikachu.oh your a darling i think you'll amor your new eeveelution!you are now called jolteon!
come here now 1 more.who wants to be a flareon?
me called a boy pikachu here tu go eat up!as he nibbled on it and evolved.the rest of tu have to have diffrent eeveelutuions!aww!!do not worry!you just have to get used to me!pikachu put them back in the pokeball all 7 of them.and rided off to the rock gym leader's place.hmm...maybe we should train more.thought pikachu.ok.pikachu went in the grass.ah!a pokeon cried an eevee.it is ok run out of the grass!you learn attract here.EEVEE LEARNED ATTRACT!it was a guy eevee wich means it will attract girls.woah!a wild geodude appeared girl geodude.eevee use attract!geodude is in love!geodude is in amor and doesn't hurt eevee!:)
eevee use pound!wild geodude fainted!eevee gain to level 2!to be concluded