7 eevees were hatched out of an egg.they purred as they went out slowly.rhey came out.they saw a little town called hearthome city.they all got there snack packs and went off to an adventure.they took there first step out.they ran.
a girl eevee called out "wait for me"!!!she tried to go faster and bumped into a......wait wtf was it?it had a pregunta mark a circle.the eevee screamed as it ran.then she was with the group.they walked along way.all they way to mt.cornet.they saw this snowing place.and then they saw trainers.so they just walked by.then they saw this weird stone it was icey.The eevees played truth o dare.1 of the eevees dared a girl eevee to touch the stone.all the eevees expect the girl 1 dicho "oooooooooooh"!she carefully put a paw on it.the others saw a bright light.they saw wat whe call a glaceon.HEY WHO ARE tu AND WAT DID tu DO TO EEVEE???glaceon dicho "it's ok its me its me".oh yeah?quiz time!question 1/1!were was all of us born?hearthome city.ok glaceon.
as all the eevees and glaceon took a big run.they went inside a gym (mistaken for a ice cream shop)uh-oh this is a gym!it is ok dicho a trainer.who was that???me!oh hello!are tu gonna help us train?only if tu do 1 thing for me.said the awesome trainer.what is that?let me be your trainer!
to be concluded....