Horrors of the halloween Night Series #1

The monster lady in the House

pato, drake Conner was a boy who was 12 years old. He lived in Atlanta, U.S.A. He was a seventh Grader and went to Conner Middle school. His Dad was the principal of the school. His mother was a zoologist and studied animals. She worked in the Mayville Research Centre for Zoology and she got $70,000 a month. Drake’s friend Dan lived siguiente door. He was 13 years old and studied in the same class. Then a few days later, Drake’s mother hired a maid to help her. pato, drake thought this was really cool. That’s were all the horrors began!


The new maid’s name was Miss. Pretty. Even though she was 34 years old, she was not married. pato, drake wondered why. “Well, its’ really cool, cuz now I don’t have to wait till 6:00 p.m. for my snacks” dicho Drake. His friend Dan agreed the same. The siguiente morning, he was getting dressed for the school. Suddenly an animal-cry came from the kitchen. Shocked, pato, drake ran downstairs.He saw a dead cat on the floor. Miss. Pretty came running to the scene shocked. pato, drake looked at her face. There was a tiny tinge of something bright red on her face. His mother came at once. pato, drake asked “Shouldn’t tu be at work?” His mother told to him that she was busy ironing her clothes. His dad had already gone to the school. “Hurry up o you’ll be late for school” dicho his mother. Her camisa, camiseta had a reddish stain on it. “It’s lipstick” she said. He met with Dan outside and told him about the incident. “And there was something red on her face” dicho Drake. “Hmmm, do tu suppose it could have been blood?” asked Dan. “Don’t be silly, why would Miss. Pretty eat it” dicho Drake. “She wouldn’t do that!” he said.


“Take out page 36 of your “Science III: The Book of Wonders”, NOW!!!” dicho Mrs. Serena Will. “This is sooooo boring” dicho Drake. “Here, have a wad of bubble-gum.” dicho Dan. “No-thanks” dicho Drake. They took out page 36 of their Science text book. “WOW! Look at this!” dicho Drake. “Check this out! This animal is called Dillectullus.” dicho Drake. “Now, children, this is the Dillectullus creature. Read these 6 signs to identify It.” dicho Mrs. Serena.

The 6 signs to identify a Dillectullus
1.    A Dillectullus always has a tiny tinge of something red on It’s’ face. This is actually a type of mucus produced from its mouth.
2.    A Dillectullus is always a female.
3.    It takes the appearance of a female person.
4.    It feeds on animales and birds.
5.     The Dillectullus was discovered in 13/3/2008.
Both the children looked up and exchanged nervous glances. “Maam, what’s today’s date” asked Dan. “14/12/2009” she said.
They left the school at 3 ‘O’ clock in the afternoon. “So, do tu reckon Miss. Pretty is a Dillectullus?” asked Drake. “I suppose, Yes” dicho Dan. “Then we will have to stop her.” pato, drake said. “So, are ya with me o not?” asked Drake. “I am with ya alright” dicho Dan.” Now, come on!”


They burst into the cocina and dicho to Miss. Pretty, “Your game is up Miss. Pretty, o if that’s even your real name Dillectullus” dicho Drake. “What is the meaning of this” she said. “We know who tu really are!” dicho Dan fiercely. “You could do a good time in the jail!” he said. They called the police and the police locked her up in the jail.

3 days later…………

They were eating lunch in Drakes’ house. His father was out on a meeting. “What made tu think that Miss. Pretty was the Dillectullus?” asked Mrs. Conner. “Well, Mom in my text book, there was a page on how to identify Dillectullus and there were all the signs” dicho Drake. “Show me the book” dicho Mrs. Conner. He showed her the book. “Ha, Ha, HA” his mother laughed. “You dumb kids, she was unmarried! A Dillectullus always marries to humans.” she said. “Then If Miss. Pretty isn’t the Dillectullus, then who is?” asked pato, drake and Dan. “Miss. Pretty didn’t marry because she took a vow to never marry until her elder sister got married” dicho his mother. “And to your first question, who is the Dillectullus” dicho Drake’s mother.
“That would be ME” she said.