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xxxluna114xxx posted on Mar 14, 2010 at 10:32AM
I got the idea,from Twilight Spot
I think it is a really nice game so here we are:

- you guess one letter at a time
- if you guess it right you get props
- if you get the speaker right, too, then: double props
- If you guess the book(Twilight,New Moon,Eclipse&Breaking Dawn) you'll get one (or more) props

- the one who guessed it gets to pick the new quote
- the person who picked the quote will give props to the one who got it right

"/" stands for a space.
So everyone ready to try?

So I try!

---/ ---- /---/ ------/------- /-------/ --. /-------/ ----- /-----./ -'-- /-----/---------/ -----/ -----.

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hace más de un año Drisina said…
I ?:D
hace más de un año cullenmeg said…
hace más de un año -Twilight_Fan- said…
Does anyone still want to play..if so I'll make a new quote. Let me know :)