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I Have A Challenge! Are tu In?

I amor Harry Potter And Twilight! In My Opion, They're Equals! So I Joined The "Twilight vs. Harry Potter" fan Club! I Was Hoping To Find Someone Who Thought The Same Way As Me! I Didn't Find It! What I Did Find, Is Shocking!

I Looked At A pregunta That Says "I think Twilight is better than Harry Potter, agree?" The comentarios Were So Amazingly Rude! I Want To Come To Twilight's Defence!

A Girl dicho That "Harry Potter actually has 1,000 reasons why it's better than Twilight." (they actually do have a post of that on the "Harry Potter" fan club) "No Twilight lover can actaully give 1,000 reasons why they amor it. They just say, 'Because Edward Cullen is sexy' and 'Jacob Black has nice abs'"

I Don't Agree To What She Said! I Left Her A comentario Telling Her I'd Give Her 1,000 Reasons Why We amor Twilight!

So, Twilight Fans, This Is Up To You! Please Give Me As Many Reasons As tu Want! I Need At Least 1,000! (I could do it por myself-because Twilight is great, but I want some más fans in on it)

So Are tu In?

Please Note That Any Reasons That Say That Twilight Is Better Than Harry Potter, Will Not Be Used! Think Of It As This- I'm Team Switzerland For The Harry Potter vs. Twilight Thing!

This Post Will Be On All The Twilight fan clubes I'm In! So If tu See This On más Than One Club, Don't Be Surprised!

It Doesn't Matter What Team You're On, It Matters If tu Truly amor Twilight, You'll Help! :)

 I Have A Challenge! Are tu In?
 shivers-zimmy posted hace más de un año
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