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Chapter 9: Scent

It was sort of an unspoken agreement between Jacob and myself that I wouldn’t be around while he was here. Besides the obvious reasons, I wanted to follow the trail the unknown vampire had left to see if I could discover anything Emmett and Jasper could have missed. It sounded reasonable to me, but Bella was upset that I was leaving.

“It’s not that I feel any personal antagonism toward him, Bella,” I tried explaining. “It’s just easier for both of us. I won’t be far away. You’ll be safe.”

“I’m not worried about that,” she said, exasperation evident in her...
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Alice managed to wait until the end of the school día before mentioning her “brilliant” idea to Bella. We were walking to the car when she suddenly stopped and closed her eyes.

“I have foreseen…” she began, sounding like a psychic you’d reach on a 900 line. I attempted to elbow her in the ribs to get her to cut it out, but she saw it coming and dodged it. “Fine. Edward is making me do this. But I did foresee that tu would be más difficult if I surprised you.”

Bella was staring at her blankly. “In English?”

“Don’t be a baby about this. No tantrums.”

Bella’s eyes widened....
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Everything was ready. Bella had her alibi in the form of a two día sleep over with 'Alice', that was easy enough. Her mind was slightly más at peace knowing that Charlie was fishing with Billy and that Angela, Ben, Mike and Jessica had gone to the concert. She also seemed almost comforted por the fact that in forty-eight hours, one way o another, this would all be over, as was I, somewhat at least. Now all we had to think about was tonight, I told myself.

Bella and I, completely alone. Although I had spent the night with Bella many times before, all while Charlie was suitably unconscious,...
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Chapter 8: Target

Alice dropped Bella at inicial in the morning, as I was still “camping” as far as her father knew. I had to wait at least an hora o so before mostrando up at her house, so Charlie would think I had just arrived home. It was hard for Bella to constantly lie to her father, even if it was for his own good. She hated lying to anyone about anything, and she was terrible at it when she tried. I was surprised Charlie believed as much as he did, but that was más Alice’s doing than Bella’s.

I was anxious to be back with Bella already, and I was having a hard time waiting a full...
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Chapter 15: Epoch[/b]

Graduation día arrived at last. I couldn’t remember the last time I had been even remotely interested in a graduation ceremony, and yet today I was excited. Despite her reservations, Bella had done well on her exams, and I knew she was proud of herself, as I was of her. And although I knew she wasn’t looking adelante, hacia adelante to it, the graduation party was going to be a good experience for her, and I was going to make sure she ended up having a good time. I had wanted to get her a gift for graduation, but she had insisted that I not spend any money on her, and finally I gave...
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Alright guys, here's the start of the story, Evening Star! ^_^

Days. Weeks. Time has passed por since our return back to Forks. But now I felt whole again. It's been too long since I have been apart from my love, Bella. I can't ever think about leaving her again.

Since my return, Bella's father, Charlie, have been giving me a hard time with being with Bella. I know have visiting hours, from seven till nine thirty PM, inside the house. I didn't object, beacuse I knew I deserved worse than this, for putting Bella in agony, since for less than a half an hora to go.

I drove to the calle where...
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