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Fan fiction by AislingYJ posted hace más de un año
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Okay so those of tu from the YJ OC's club...I'm turning Aisling into a wolf!! Sorta. Well if tu don't know her already that's fine. I'm using the same account though, so......

Name: Ash
Age: pup/adolescent
Gender: female
Appearance: dark brown pelaje, piel blotched with gray, bright blue-green eyes, cream underbelly, a little bit of cream on the tip of her tail
Personality: quiet, can be sarcastic o sassy, wants to be accepted por the older lobos even though she isn't sure she's good enough, sometimes self-doubting, doesn't like to mostrar weakness, can get hyper o silly
Bio: Ash was the only surviving pup of a lobo from an enemy pack, but she was abandoned. The Eclipse Pack found her and her dead littermates, and took her in, having no idea where she came from. When she grew older, she was curious as to her past, as when they found her she was too young to remember where she came from.
Fan fiction by lux2 posted hace más de un año
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Age: an mid aged pup.

Color: gray with a dark red streak down his back.

Has black eyes.

Info: Lenney was found por himself badly wounded in the midle of the forest, he was taken por a human and nursed back to health. He now dosnt like other wolves, and he loves his master, untill the drop off.

Is friendly when your his friend. Is a skilled escaper. Knows how to get out of any situation.

Is a lone lobo looking for a pack before he was horibly injured.

He sings to himself sometimes when hes alone. His favorito! song to sing is BULIVARD OF BROKEN DREAMS!
Fan fiction by Obscurity98 posted hace más de un año
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Name: Xana pronounced (Ex - on - uh)

Appearance: Silver eyes, Black back and around eyes, white belly and hind legs. And tip of tail is white.

Past: captured at the tender age por Humans, she was raised to fight. One día she was put up a against a human, and killed it. They took her away and sent off over seas. Xana was no dumb lobo and wanted to get home. She killed another human gaining her a flight back to her home. She ran into the forest away from man, and will kill any human that dares to approach her.

Personality: Fighter and will never back down. Cocky, and pictures herself as higher lobo due to her past. She is wiser than she looks. She led one pack before deciding it wasnt the life for her. she does like to have fun.

-Great hunter
-Skilled fighter
-determined and will never back down in a fight, and rarely has mercy on her opponent

Fan fiction by mattwolf199 posted hace más de un año
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name: dean

Hes a wolf/fox breed dont make fun of his to tails

he doesent like to bea missout ar kicked out because he is a dead lobo most dont like o exsept him.

his parents were kiled and onle he and his brother and a lost sister remane of his family no one even knows what happend to his brother and sister

he has a scar under his right ear that bleeds when he uses his dead lobo viros with is a demon in side of him

the demons name is tails doll dean will be foun talking to him self but he is talking to his demon
Fan fiction by XxKFforeverXx posted hace más de un año
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Name: Kira

Personality: Easy going, EASILY distracted.

Appearance: Black/grayish pelaje, piel with spots of blue and white.

Past: Kira’s been trained to be a hunter and tracker, but, because of her personality, she’s never been able to keep her mind on one thing long enough to do so. Kira stalks around, so if she follows you, don't be suprised if tu see her. Most of the time she stays hidden not letting tu know she's there.

-Don't make of her pelaje, piel color.
Guide by SilverWings13 posted hace más de un año
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Name: Aquamarine Bane

Age: 13 (in dog years)

Physical Description: Aqua has light blue and white pelaje, piel with beige on her ears, over her eyes, and on the toes of her back paws. Her eye are a light blue. There's a tuft of hair that is always falling into her eyes.

Personality: Aqua is sassy and acts tough. She wants badly to be accepted into a family, but it's difficult for her to trust others. She hates being referred to as a child o mostrando weak was in any way.

Backround: When Aqua was the daughter of the Bane pack leader. She spent most of her time getting into trouble with her best friend, Casper, and the other omega lobo pups of the pack (most of which were boys). With them she learned many useful skills such as hunting and staying hidden. Her pack was attacked por a rival pack when she was 8 (in lobo years). She ran away out of fear and has been surviving on her own since the.
Opinion by godmor posted hace más de un año
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Name: Kratos
Aparance: he hase balk pelaje, piel with red markings and red eye's
Personalaty: a hod head with a soth temper, will always protect his pack and friend's.
Histaory: Kratos was born to be a worior, his dad thoud him to hunt, and he loved it, the killing of his pray, the exitmand of the hunt, it fuild his anger and ruthlesness, he is willing to do evrything to protect his pack.
Note: whe he is in rage, his markings and eys will
-glowe red, and he get's super strengt, and get rally resistance, making him abel to take on olmoste ever enemy.
- Pain will ony fuile his rage, and make him más willing to figt.
Guide by InfinityYJ posted hace más de un año
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She's on the top of the little guys...
Name: Blaire

Age: 10 months (dog/wolf years)/ 13 years old

Personality: Easy going, excited, eager, acts very young, naïve, easily distracted, a little too brave

Appearance (wolf): caramelo colored fur, curled white zorro, fox looking tail

Appearance (human): Long, light brown hair, red eyes, zorro, fox tail and ears

Clothing: tan/caramel hoodie, matching shorts, red/brown striped knee socks and tan boots

Powers: shape shifting into a human. She can't control this very well, so it's rare that she ever does it.
Fan fiction by BloodyMascara_ posted hace más de un año
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Appearance: White, with purple paws, some of her tail and under her eyes.

Creaon Form: Black, with purple "sheild"(chest area), tail, and wings.

History: Sarah was a friendly lobo when she was a pup. She was a very good hunter, tracker, and had much stamina. She was sentanced to death when she spoke out of line. She escaped, but she was hunted down, and attacked, beaten to death. She was reborn, and she has no memory of what happened in her past life.

Appearance Before The Rebirthing:

Personality: Bubbly and outgoing!

-Her creaon form is only activated when under too much stress o in a very emotional situation.
-Has two sisters she doesnt remember. (Sally and Luna)