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 She SO doesn't hate me
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This duncan y courtney arte de los fans might contain animado, cómic, manga, historieta, anime, and dibujos animados.

posted by ROCKCHIC179
AN: I promise to undate on amor is Blind but first I gonna mostrar some of my latest stories I've written lately.

A secret Love

“Can I help you?” Courtney asked politely and he smirked, looking up and down her body, Courtney rolled her eyes at that action. She knew exactly what she looked like and also knew boys like him only wanted her for her looks and nothing else.

“I can think of a few things” he purred huskily looking up and down her body slowing and she scowled in response.

“If tu think for one segundo that I’m some dumb blonde fake boob bimbo then get the hell out of this library”...
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posted by 8thGradeGenius
.:Rated T for language:.

* * *

Clop, clop, clop.

The loud, wet sounds of soaked sneakers flopping down on hard pavement echoed so loudly throughout the naked calle that it nearly hurt my ears. I was the biggest asshole in the world right now; I had just broken a girl's heart, and badly in her opinion, and here I was just watching her run away from me. I had cared about her, and then the one día that people start making fun of us I decide to go all homicidal. They dicho we weren't a real thing, that she was just using me to make me look useful. But I know that all I am is a piece of...
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Alright. I goy into the car and COURTNEY WAS IN THERE alng with two dorks. "Hi, Im Beth!" the short girl said. "And Im Brady!" The Less-dorky Boy said. "And this is Courtney" He continued. "I didn't want to see tu again."she dicho "Ohh tu two already know eachother! Beth said. She is waaaaaaay too perky, it seems like something is wrong with her. "We are aguainted." Courntey said. She has to maske everything sound boring. "Lets sing some mostrar tunes Brady!" Please no! But they sang anyway. Well not me o Courtney. Something we have in common.
This is what I heard the whole time
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[Okay no reviews besides 1 for 2 weeks,if no one likes this i'll stop but i did this cuase i wanted to so PLEASE REVIEW!!!!]

iTS A NEW día AND EVERYONE IS AT THE POOL. dUNCAN is walking toward the bar when he's pulled behind a bush.It was Courtney.Her hand over his mouth,she looks mad.

"Wow Court,I knew tu were still into me but this is kinda awkward since i'm with gwen."he dicho witha smirk.

"Funny tu have enough loyalty to her to say no,but tu didn't hesitate to make out with her behind my back."Courtney says with disdain.Duncan winced.She got him there.

"Right,bad choice of words,but then...
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posted by Lollipop97
Hiya folks! I know i normaly wait with the oneshots, until i'm done with my current story, but i was lectura a story on fanfiction.net and it was great! So i decided to re- write it in DxC mode. I relly hope tu like it! The realstory was wrote por RadiantBeam, so all the credit to her!

Okay, well, let's start! Oh, just a sec! Make sure to have some handerchiefs, in first place it made me cry! Songfic about DxC, song used: Allysa Lies, por Jason Michael Caroll.

Okay, again, start.

Courtney frowned as she carefully pressed a Band-Aid to a fading bruise...
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MY pov.
Sorry it took long just school...man i hate it...anyways heres the 3rd chappie enjoy!

Courtney sat there watching the movie Vampier suck,even if she was a twilight fan she still had a scens of humour.She look over on her right to find her cusion and her boyfriend makeing out...No srpruise.She look over on her left to see her cousions boyfriends best friend,duncan,.She scoffed at him,not only was he a pervert,but a criminel,she hated people like him she would never be couaght dead with him,Pluse she wasen't stupid,she was FAR from that,so she knew that all he wanted was to get in her pants,and...
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i was in my house getting ready to go to the cine when my mom wouldent stop bothering me to help her with some stuff, wich made me late to go to the movies, and at the same time alejandro wouldent stop calling me to see if i was near the movies.
courtney: dont worrry ill be there!!!!!
alejandro: please hurry up!!!!!!!!
courtney: ill be there :)
at that same moment duncan calls......
courtney: ohhh hola duncan.
duncan: courtney i forbit u to go to the cine with this guy.
courtney: and y is that?
duncan: u dont know him like i do, i know hes gona steel u from me, and i cant let that happen.
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posted by 232dxc
my pov.
alright this oneshot is soppoused to be where courtney and duncan wen out for about 2 mounths but then courntey breaks up with him so duncan does all he can just to get her back so now he sings courtney a littel song that would piss her off but get her back,enjoy!

no ones pov.
courtney was at her the cafa that she worked and sang there,sne was working 2 shift and it was about 9:00 o'colck and it was almost quiting time but before she would go inicial she would sing.
she got up on the small stage that was in the samll cafa she had grabed the...
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posted by FIREdancer
Thank to lolipop97 for inspiring me with her flare for escritura so i decided to give it a shot at doing a series too!THANX VERY MUCH LOLIPOP97
__________________________________________________DUNCANS P.O.V.

I was watching a movie called (The Hangover)*laughs*

courtney has a great smiles on her face and sits on my lap and then kisses my cheek ,for some reason.

I blushed and siad "well somones feeling HOT for me ,right now wanna play 7 min in heaven"i gave her teasing smirk ,who she thought was realy sexy.

she ,had a gasped face and ran to the bathroom storming opening the door crying

I ran to the...
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posted by TDItwin
note : this is 1 año after t.d.w.t.

"how could he just how could he" courtney thought to herself as she scurried along the high calle "i thought he loved me and now i hate him!! the dirty little slime ball" tu see her boyfriend justin had told that he loved her yeah right it was always "courtney could tu help me with this homework" "courtney could tu do this for me" and he had been dating some exchange student from italy lucia her name was. it was never just about courtney was it ?

duncan was flipping through the música channels but everything remined him of her tu know about yay tall buetifull...
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posted by milorox18
Courtney sighed and shook her head, letting her dark hair spill over her shoulders. “No. No. No.”

The young man beside her smirked with undying confidence. “Yes.”


“Yes. The más tu deny it, the más I don’t believe you.”

She frowned with slight annoyance. “I don’t, okay? I don’t like you.”

Duncan looked down at her, disbelieving every word. “Right.”

Courtney rolled her eyes and quickened her pace as they traveled down the dark city sidewalk. “Can we not discuss this anymore? Let’s just get to Geoff’s as soon as possible and get this stupid party over with.”...
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posted by tdilovestories

Well it didnt take long for the secret to come out. A week after I found out I was going to be a father, HEather, publicado on the school website that courtney was pregnant and engaged. After that courtney started wearing her ring to school. She dicho she didnt 'care what everyone thinks about me. all i care about is what tu think about me!'.

She had to quite the cheersquad because the flippig could hurt the baby (and because the cheer coach yelled at her, dicho she was a discarse for the team, and to never mostrar her face there again. Courtney just let her have it...... dicho some things...
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Monday morning and back at school. Courtney was especially excited today because she couldn’t wait to see Heather!

Courtney, Duncan, Gwen and Leshawna waited at the front entrance to see their handy work. As usual Heather pulled up in her expensive car and came out wearing a very bad wig and had little red ant bites all over her skin.

They all cracked up laughing as well as everyone else arriving. Heather just scowled and stormed over to Courtney who only smiled deviously at her.

“I hope this is still funny after I tell everyone about your little night with me and Lindsey,” she threatened....
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posted by ROCKCHIC179
Good times...

Duncan POV*

We were on her settee cuddleing por the fuego in her warm blanket talking about whatever.
"What's the most carziest thing tu have ever done and tu can't say the total drama series." I looked over to her, she smiled, happily.
"Well, one weekend, Gwen, Bridgette, Roxi and I went to Los Vegas for Roxi's 20th."
"No way" I was shocked I heard Vegas and princess in the same sentence.
"Way, we got so drunk, that Roxi sept with a rich guy at his hotel, Gwen betted all her money away and ended up in some dumpster, Bridgette was arrest for puking on a police officer and me..."
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posted by tdilovestories
this picks up were tdilovestory2a stoped off.

in courtney's point of view:

"Guys!!!!!!" Duncan was yelling at his brothers.

"Dude! Who is the hot chick?" asked one of duncan's brother's friends asked walking up to Duncan's door (His brother's were standing their with a smirk on their face, staring at me)

"Get out!" shouted duncan, he was shifting his body infront of me so that they couldnt see me.

" Make me!" yelled one of his brothers. He was getting really mad, and I knew I had to calm him down, frankly I didnt really care.

"Duncan," I dicho moving out from behind him (still only wearing me...
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happy birthday Lauren-Courtney
*picks up Lauren* hi my baby-Duncan
ah daa-Lauren
its ur birthday honey-Courtney
ur 1 years old now-Duncan
hwi mommwa, hwi siswy, hwi stwupid-Sky
HAY, im not stupid-Duncan
stop fighting with a 6 mes old-Courtney
*wines* but she started it-Duncan
Duncan, your actuación like a child-Courtney
well i geuss since ur a child we cant do it anymore-Courtney
ok i will shut up now-Duncan
thats what i thought-Courtney
what we gwonna dwo fwor mwy birfdway mwoma-Lauren
umm ok...
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posted by god-of-love
"duncan how can u hurt a sweet girl like courtney?"said ashley."ok thats not ur problem,and why r u actuación all good?"said duncan."well when i got to know courtney she was really nice plus she was crying,i bet u dont care right?"said ashley giving her back to him."look,is that well i amor courtney but shes to good...u get me right?"he said."well then why u kissed gwen?"ashley ask."i didnt!she had a dream and then she gat that picture from me and put that on the cuz she wants me to stop dating courtney!"he said."omg lets go tell courtney"ashley dicho running to find courtney.but she couldnt find...
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