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 She SO doesn't hate me
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posted by Isabella121797
 A cute picture of Trent and Courtney...
A cute picture of Trent and Courtney...
Bridgette's POV:
I dicho goodbye to Courtney and started home.
I knew Courtney still liked Duncan, even if it took her some time to realize it.
Trent on the other hand just might make her happy again.
I hope she picks which ever one makes her happy.
I ponder this más as I continue walking.

Courtney's POV:
I watch her walk away before I sit down on the bleachers.
I buscar practically my soul.

Do I really still amor Duncan?
Do I like Trent?
Am I just trying to cover up how hurt I still am?
Why is this so confusing.

Suddenly I hear guitarra and singing.
I turn and see Trent.
He is coming towards me.
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posted by reyfan01
"Duncan tu aren't thinking straight! tu cheated on this girl years hace and got with her best friend, why would she still want you?!"nIKKI screaming into the phone to knock some sense into her stubborn cousin. Duncan was calling room service while she was talking and ordered the sweet enamorados special, a meal with complimentary candlelights and a plate large enough to eat on the bed.

"Duncan are tu even listening to me?"Nikki screamed. "Yeah yeah sure sure, hola if tu were Court would tu want the leg o the breast of the chicken?"DUncan asked. Nikki groans on the other line and falls back onto...
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posted by Isabella121797
Last part I did not copy off of Glee. I just thought the message was the same.

Bridgette's POV:
All the sudden I hear a glass drop.
I look and see it was Gwen's.
She is staring at my sliding glass door...oh my...is that?
I turn my head to Duncan.
His face just turns from shocked to pissed.
I give Geoff and DJ, a tu better hold him back look.
Before I run and try to calm Duncan down.

Gwen'S POV:
I couldn't mover a muscle, like I was paralized.
I guess I deserve it.
After I got over that I walk to a sofá and sit.
I stare at the floor.
LeShawna comes over and pats my back.

Duncan's POV:
That freak...
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posted by Isabella121797
Courtneys POV:

I was already crying when my friends came in.
Why did he mess wtih my feelings so much!
My head was in my hands, as tears feel threw the spaces in my fingers.
I jumped off the counter and started to look at my red face.

The girls started to hug me and cheer me up.
I knew I had to be strong.
I was a CIT.
I wait till my face wasnt red and I walked out with my head held high.
All of us girls had our lockers on one side of the hallway and the guys on the other.
The last on the guys side was Duncans.
Mines was the first, and out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking at me.
I quickly...
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posted by Isabella121797
Courtneys P.O.V

The girls left with there dresses. I went back to Bridgette's where the party was at.
We went upstairs and changed. I did my makeup and waited till everyone got here. Bridgette went and prepped. If I am good at one thing its making a enterance. Bridgette texts me that everyone is there and I walk out.

I walk down her spiral staircase. Everyone stops and watches. The girls even looked shocked. I see Bridgette and she is smiling. Then I see Duncan who once again is staring. I reach the bottom and everyone starts talking again. I walk into the cocina to get something to drink.

I see...
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Courtney´s Pov
After seeing the message, i walked again into the house, the living room, and then took Bridgette por the arm. I told her that she had to leave her home, that it was necessary and for safety.
I waited for her at the backdoor. My uncle had mover my car so that i could get Bridgette outta that hell her house was now quickly.
I was wondering why some persons become assassins, when, suddenly, i heard a noise coming from beneath the trees that the backyard had. I tried to stay calm and i concentrated in the noise. It seemed to be steps. I was getting nervous... No one was supposed to...
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Duncan stopped i was becoming real impatient so he started over again "Court i've been thinking and since your my best friend i thought tu should be the first to know that i'm callin off the wedding." i couldn't figure out if i was happy o excited but for his sake i had to act sympathetic "well that sucks what for?" hoping it had something to do with me "Well that's another reason i came to talk to tu for the last few months i've been having flashbacks of old times between tu and me and i...want...you....back."he dicho slowly i was in complete shock i wanted him to pick me up into his arms...
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When I woke up Destiny had stuck a sticky note on my forehead it read
Dear Court,I"m going out of town for all this week left tu some money for stuff on the dresser will call tu later amor ya Destiny<3
i sighed i was going to be alone all this week i frowned i slumped over to the fridge to find something to eat ther was absouloutly nothing i groaned i heard my phone ring not bothering to look at the caller ID i picked up "Hello." i dicho dully "Courtney tu picked up!" i heard the voice say "Who's this?" "It's Duncan." my emotions turned completley upside down "Oh hi how are you?" i could...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Chapter 3: Wow
     Me and Destiny were walking back to the house when I looked up at the stars funny thing about these stars they grew brighter every time I saw them Duncan had a soft spot for stars Destiny waited on me she knew how much the stars meant to me I stared up and whispered real soft “Duncan.”
    Me and Duncan walked to his house when we got there I sat on the sofá he handed me a Carmello (candy bar) he hopped over the sofá and took the DVD remote form off the coffee mesa, tabla he knew me so well he picked out my all time favorito! movie The...
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posted by cb0104
No one's P.O.V.

" HAHAHAHA!!!!" where did tu get stuff this good," courtney dicho giggling. " i think i.. i .. think i got it from my friends in the gang," trent said. " thats sooooooooooo cool!!!! ive always wanted to do dis at like inicial but theres the kids and duncan ya know so..........yeah, " courtney giggled.

Trent put his finger on his nose. " did.... did tu ever notice how HUGE your finger is??" trent said. " personalllyllyy heheheheeheh i think fingers are tintsy like..... fingers," courtney giggled again. " dang this stuff is sooo strong!!!! no wonder it cost $5," trent said.


Courtney's P.O.V.
Me and trent just got back from our......meeting.
i cant let duncan o the kids find out what we really did. i want to quit if only i could.

to be continued..........................
posted by sugarsweet076
after i got Haley I sat on the couch.Duncan sat siguiente me.

"The family is back" He dicho lookin at my lips

"Yea it is" I kissed him.

"ughhaaaaa" Haley dicho tryin to talk. she doesnt know how to ay no más words but inicial daddy and mommy. which is weird

"......She looks like me so much..but she has her daddy eyes"

"but she has her mothers beatiful brown hair and perfect body"

I smiled.

"mommy" she grabbed my nose.

"Haley thats my nose"

"Ummmmm" She blew a snot bubble with her nose.


Duncan wipped her nose.

"Say daddy loves me"

"Hahhahahahaah ughaaa"

"She not goin to learn that fast duncan"

"But she has a...
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posted by DxCfanlover
I HATE SCHOOL! it doesn't give me enough time for updating my fic >.< so sorry for keeping it short

Izzy: ok, tu don't have to tell me! I'll sing a song!
Izzy sang a really annoying song! Leshawna and Heather woke up.Tyler, Bridgette,Geoff,Owen,Duncan and the 20 más guys that were there did the same.
Duncan: Can some one shut up her?!
Leshawna threw her a rock
Izzy:Oh, That's better! Thanks Lesh
Leshawna:Welcome! and don't call me Lesh!
Duncan:hey tu *pointing to a guy* telll everyone that you'll stay here at the moment ,in 2 days you'll go to NY for doing you- know -what , ok?
Guy:Ok, but why?
Duncan:'cause if 29 guys go on a train it will look suspicious,won't it?
Guy:Oh, yes sir!
Duncan walked towards Courtney and kissed her.
Duncan:Good Morning sunshine.Did tu like yesterday night?
Sorry if there is bad spelling!
posted by Isabella121797
I hope tu guys like this.
Most of my stories are about music, but thats because I think it describes them so well sometimes.
This one isnt but there will be MUSIC!

Duncans POV:
Since the end of TDWT Chris decides to uproot us all and send us to the same city, school, and everything. The nerve of that nacissistic, over gelled jerk.
I could go on all day, but my paroley says I have to go to school o else its back to the slammer.
I get out of cama and immediately go to my iPod docker and start blasting music.
I check my phone for any messages from...Courtney.
Which there isn't. Why would there...
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posted by sugarsweet076
That nite we did something. lol

"Princess where is the key to my cloest?"

"Ummmmm" He looked at me.He wrapped me in his arms.

"where is it?"I reached down in my bra.I pulled it out."Thx princess" He dicho as he took it.

"..If tu dont mind me askin where is all your stuff tu took?" he opened the cloest.I smiled cu he had all his stuff in there.

When i was makin some té Kyle came in.I looked at duncan.

"Kyle come sit down we ned to talk"

"what tu need to do is cook me dinner!" He dicho pushin me.

"Duncan yu can kill him now" Kyle looked over to duncan pullin his camisa, camiseta out of his shorts.When i looked...
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posted by dxcfan
Duncan watched the fuming brunette marched away bringing her tension with her. Duncan shrugged and turned to Geoff, who's eyes were wide. "Dude, that was a pretty heated conversation." He gestured, putting a hand on his buddy's shoulder.

Duncan rolled his eyes, and brushed Geoff's hand off his shoulder started to walk the opposite direction. "Whatever man. If Courtney doesn't want to be with me, than that's fine with me." He and Geoff walked into their cabins, as Duncan accidentally slammed the screen door behind him.

Geoff gave him a knowing look. "What happen to all those amazing things you...
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After all the Montegues and Capulets had left to get cleaned up, DJ and Geoff had decided to go looking for Duncan, who had not shown up to the fight. Upon walking down an alleyway, they found Duncan breaking another innocent girls heart.

Girl:But why Dunky, why*sobbing*

Duncan:Because, I'm bored with you, I need to find another sweetheart to please me. It'd be best if tu just find another guy.

Girl:*runs away crying*

DJ:*walks up to Duncan with Geoff*Breaking another girls corazón the 5th time this week huh?

Duncan:Yeah, she was really starting to annoy me.

DJ:You know, tu really need to think...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
Courtney's POV:I walked into the cafeteria and sat down por myself.No one has figured out who destroyed the room yet.Idiots.I rolled an manzana, apple around in my hands and looked at it.

Bridgette's POV:"Do tu think we should go sit por her?"I asked."After the way she freaked out in homeroom this morning,no way!"Gwen said."Yeah,I mean she flipped out."Trent said."I don't know tu guys.I mean,she does look kinda lonely."Geoff said."Maybe she needs a boyfriend."I said."No way.She might freak out on him."Gwen said.I rolled my eyes,stood up and walked over to the new girl.I sat down in front of her as she...
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posted by Courtneyfan101
 Courtney's Outfit
Courtney's Outfit
Bridgette's POV:"What do tu think the theme for prom is gonna be this year?"I asked Geoff." I don't know.What do tu think it's gonna be?"he asked."I hope it's going to be a playa theme."I said.

Geoff's POV:Okay,so prom is coming up.I don't know how I'm gonna ask Bridgette to go to prom with me.Think Geoff.Think!Bridgette isn't my girlfriend,we're just friends.But I don't want us to just be friends.I really want her to be my girlfriend and all,but,there's this other dude that has her eyes glued to him.I've seen this guy,and he isn't the sharpest cuchillo in the drawer.

Bridgette's POV:"Hey,look!"I...
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Courtney skipped into the schoolyard merrily. She loved school. Most pople she knew always hated school, but to her hateing school is like hateing your future.
Wel, then again, now thinging about it, when the future thing comes about, she could see why Duncan Caliver hated school.
Duncan andher had a hate, arch nemisis thing. But there were moments were it became "I'm so mad at tu that it makes me amor tu at this moment", but those are rare. However, it seemed like Duncan wanted one of those today.

Duncan's P.O.V
Uniforms. Uh, I HATE uniforms. I have to wear a TIE to school, it's like school...
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posted by cb0104
Courtneys P.O.V.

Trent and I pulled up at the church. I wore a short black dress with black high heels and trent wore a tux. We were getting ready when we saw Geoff and Dj arrive. " what are tu guys doing here?" Geoff asked. " ummm were gonna crash the wedding," trent said. " why?" dj asked. " im in amor with duncan," i said. "and im in amor with gwen," trent said. geoff and dj exchanged looks. " were in" they said. " wait what," me and trent said. "duncan and gwen arent right for eachother. they belong with tu guys," they said. " great. now tu guys go take your seats," im gonna spy on...
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