drewjoana <3 favorito! Comic TV Character.

Pick one:
Alan Harper// Two and Half Men
Jen Barber// The IT Crowd
Roy Trenneman// The IT Crowd
Elaine Benes// Seinfeld
Charlie Harper// Two and a Half Men
Dee Reynolds// It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Maurice Moss// The IT Crowd
Gretchen Cutler// You're the Worst
Sheldon Cooper// The Big Bang Theory
Lindsay Jillian// You're the Worst
Leonard Hofstadter// The Big Bang Theory
Phoebe Buffay// friends
Charlie Kelly// It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Jessica Day// New Girl
Jerry Seinfeld// Seinfeld
Nick Miller// New Girl
Rachel Green// friends
Schmidt// New Girl
Grace Adler// Will & Grace
Dennis Reynolds// It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Liz Lemon// 30 Rock
Mac// It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Monica Geller// friends
Will Truman// Will & Grace
Molly Fyinn// Mike & Molly
Joey Tribbiani// friends
Karen Walker// Will & Grace
Frank Reynolds// It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Jenny// The League
Jack McFarland// Will & Grace
Victoria Flynn// Mike & Molly
Chandler Bing// friends
Bonnie Plunkett// Mom
Ross Geller// friends
Christy Plunkett// Mom
Cosmo Kramer// Seinfeld
Hannah Horvath// Girls
George Costanza// Seinfeld
Jenna Maroney// 30 Rock
Ruxin// The League
Britta Perry// Community
Kenneth Parcell// 30 Rock
Edina Monsoon// Absolutely Fabulous
Winston Bishop// New Girl
Patsy Stone// Absolutely Fabulous
Basil Fawlty// Fawlty Towers
Maggie Jacobs// Extras
David Brent// The Office
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 drewjoana posted hace más de un año
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