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"Those who take life to seriously and can't laugh at themselves, are always gonna miss out, one way o another"

"Chainsaws, salve everything"

"Ted Bundy, b-i-t-c-h!"

"I'm no más than what tu expect from Irish French Canadians"

"Life is crazy. Nothing más to say"

"Ever feel so damn miserable tu just want to take everything tu own, and watch it all burn away.. Me neither"

"ADHD, ADD, Autism, dosen't affect my life o how people treat me, but I HATE when it dose"

"I'm one of the most morbid humored 'bronies' I know"

"Don't read this stupid story unless tu like stupid comedies por an stupid Canadian...
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posted by Canada24


Man: (Cleaning a red Bodhi truck, witch is Trever's tradition car in the game).

Trevor: (comes in, wearing his traditional white t-shirt and sweat pants) Hey. Nice car man.

Man: Jee. Thanks mister..

Trevor: Say. Wanna see something, (gives the man a misceláneo magazine).

Man: (camera zoomed up on him) What am I suppose to do with this!?

Trevor: (shown in the car when the camera zoomed back out) It's suppose to distract tu as I steal your car.

Man: (angrily) Hey!

Trevor: (driving off) tu just been T-Jacked, bitch!


on: So boss. Now that tu took care of the bikers? What we...
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Michael: Yeah. Because all I did was pull tu out of a trash town and into a mansion in Los Santos.. And what do I get!?.. Nothing., nothing but an old picture of tu in an old Hooker uniform, that I occasionally masterbate towards.

Jimmy: As do I

Micheal: (disgusted) OH MY GOD! That's disguesting! That's your mother!

Jimmy: I'm just being hones-

Micheal: (angrily) Get out! Get out of my house!

Jimmy: Bu-

Micheal: (punches violent hole in wall) I dicho GET OUT!

(later that same evening)

Amanda: I don't like this Micheal.

Jimmy: Yeah.. Uncle T? Man?

Mixheal: (glares) Jimmy?... Who let tu back...
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Packie: Fuck these people! Fuck your cause! Ireland ain't the only thing green! Dollars are two!
Derrick: Now tu dicho bloody Ireland! That's gonna narrow a buscar isn't it!
Packie: Fuck you! Take the needle out of your arm, THEN tell me what to do!

Packie: Anyone else tries that shit and I'll shoot them WAIT between the eyes!

Packie: Well., I'm gonna rob it.. But the guy I'm with isn't very good.. I need someone "better" to watch our backs?... tu in? I hear tu are in need of money, and tu can keep whatever tu find in there.
Connor: I.. I don't know.
Packie: Relax, if...
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Michael: Alright everyone... Here's the game plan.. We're all professionals. We all know the score... We ride over. Grab what we need.. And walk wait though the front door... Packie.. I hope tu and your boy Connor can handle pressure.. We need intense pressure on security and management... Costomers however, are to be CALMLY subdued... We're in and out in ninety segundos boys!... So let's make it count.
Packie: I just hope nobody dies... I can't handle anymore loses
Michael: Just relax.. Just focus on one thing, and one thing only.. The score

Michael: (bursts into jewelry store,...
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I redid BEST OF SPOOF BILLY: (contains swearing)


Billy: Okay Johnny.. I'll ride up in your bike.

Johnny: I- I don't know man.. tu a bit of a dick to me.

Billy: Johnny boy. I have "never" been a dick to you.

Johnny: [rolls his eyes] Oh please! All tu EVER do is call me names and rip on me for being Jewish!

Billy: Johnny, when have I "ever" ripped on tu for being a Jew?

[in the playground when first meeting each other] You're a Jew!

{while they argue} Oh yeah! Well your just a stupid Jew!

[Riding on their bikes} SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN JEW MOUTH!

[at the club house, on the front steps] {angry at...
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Movie: Khamoshiyan
Music: Jeet Gannguli
Lyrics: Rashmi Singh
Singer: Arijit Singh

Khamoshiyaan aawaaz hain
Tum sun-ne to aao kabhi
Chhookar tumhe khil jaayengi
Ghar inko bulaao kabhi
Beqaraar hain baat karne ko
Kehne do inko zaraa..

Silences are sounds,
Sometime, come to listen..
They'll blossom por just touching you,
Sometime call them home.
They're restless to talk to you,
Let them speak..

Khamoshiyan.. teri meri khamoshiyaan
Khamoshiyan.. lipti hui khamoshiyaan

Silences, yours and mine,
Silences, wrapped around us, silences..

Kya us gali mein kabhi tera jaana hua
Jahaan se zamaane ko guzre zamaana hua
Mera samay...
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posted by Dreamtime
☆ ☆ ☆
Sunlight was the only thing that felt right before I came here
But inside it feels like it keeps raining
And every drop is like the tears we couldn't cry
Because inside we were all alone
But this place gave us something, it somehow made us strong

If there's a place inside this world...
Where hopes and dreams are not yet lost...
We'll stand and fight against these walls
We'll fight this fight forevermore
Sometimes I feel this anger changing slowly into
A monster that keeps on creeping under
And I don't think that I can take anymore
I need tu here like never before...
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Packie McReary: What do ya think of Niko, Gracie?
Gracie Ancelotti: (gagged) Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you. Fuck you.
Packie McReary: Gracie, you're sweet.

Packie McReary: What a girl! I think she likes you. Word to the wise, though - she don't put out. Which is convenient, 'cause if she did, I'd have to kill you.
Niko Bellic: Understood.
Packie McReary: Good lad.

Kate McReary: Oh, hey, Niko.
Niko Bellic: Hey, Kate.
Packie McReary: Get your fucking hands off my fucking sister, boy.
Kate McReary: We're talking, not having casual sex, Patrick... I pray after the amount of...
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How do I become sarcastic?
"You answer preguntas such as THIS one"

My house is on fire, what do I do?
"You get off the fuckin computer and go outside!"

Can tu get pregnant from watching porn?
"Only on wednesdays"

Every time I drink alcohol I feel sad.
"Your not drinking ENOUGH of it!"

I was having sex with my sister and got a cramp in my leg.

Why are bebés ugly at first?
"YOU try living inside a woman's vigina for so long!"

How do I become a Justin Bieber fan?
"You take a large blow to the head. Maybe jump off a cliff as a start."

Is is normal to be in amor with your dog?
"... tu need help"...
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I amor this friggin song!

It ain't fading!
Maan I gotta let it out!
Am I crazy!?
Screaming, nothing ever comes out!
I keep feeling, lost!
I'll never find my way out!
I'm not thanking, them!
Unless the truth can pour out!

Give me some courage!
Beating me down now for some time!
Are tu laughing, am I funny?
I hate inside.

I'll take this time!
To let out what's inside!
Cuz I will break!
Sometimes I wish you'd die!
Full of sorrow!
You raped and estola my pride!
And all this hate!
Is bottled up inside!

My heart's breaking!
Maan tu really ripped it out!
You take...
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While making my GTA 4 rampage.
I actually was pretty angry when playing, and I guess anger DOSE work for GTA.
Cause that is what it looked like when I play grand theft auto ANGRILY..

My Hellsing Review is mezclador of everything awesome to me.
* Loud gunshots
* Deranged laughter

My idea of having Luna voiced por Freddy Krueger was a inside joke.. Since I joke that Luna IS freddy krueger, if he was nice. Because Luna will constantly come into your dreams and says it's her "duty"

Jimmy Tatro is far the MOST used voice in my videos

Korn has been used a total of two times.
Slipknot only once.
1: Clearence Little:
The corrupt cop Francis McCreary wants Clearence dead for reasons explained in the beginning cut away (most of them self centred).
I don't really like killing this guy, despite the fact he tries to kill tu later in a misceláneo encounter.
He's still was pleading for life, and Niko doesn't seem like the type who would kill someone on their knees... Unless it's friggin Dimitri.
If tu do the excutution mover on him, Niko will feel regret, and tell the dead Clearence "I'm sorry"

2: Dwayne Forge
I always kill playboy instead of Dwayne.
Cause Dwayne is such a nice guy, and it makes me feel más guilty.
If tu DO kill him, it's one of the sadder exceptions.
Forge truly thought of tu as a friend, and is heartbroken por this. But still accepts his fate with dignity.
And Niko shoots Dwayne in the back of the head while turned away, killing him with visible regret.
#1: SAW 1:
Saw 3 is the gross one.
Saw 1 is my favorito! it's very UN-gory.
And it's más about the plot. Witch, if tu ask me, is very unique one..

This movie isn't dado enough credit.
Sure the plot sucks.
But we don't watch the die hard series, for anymore más than the epic battles. And this is no different.
So who cares how weak the ploys is.
Nobody watches for it anyway..
I mean.
I have nothing but respect, for soldiers.
But if I wanted to take the battles más seriously. I'd watch a history channel documentary, o something..

Same deal.
The plot sucks, and so do every actor but arrendajo, jay and Krueger.
We don't care about anyone else anyway.
Why should people consider it an issue..

(no comment)

Say what tu want.
I LIKED this one.
Dose anyone remember Roman's steriod raging, overly arrogant, best friend. Who Niko briefly works for.

Their's a lot más to this character than people may think.

In this missons.
It's pretty clear NOBODY can relate to Brucie.

He only cares about how he looks, and is always tense about everything.

But then, The Ballad of Gay Tony, Brucie's older brother Mori Kibbutz is introduced.
And we realize how sympathetic Brucie actually is.

Mori ridicules Brucie to no end, even now that they are both adults. During his appearances in Mori's missions, Brucie's arrogant, self-absorbed...
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Starting off as your average immature dare devil. But then Vaas kidnapped him and his brother Grant.. And during their escape Vaas coldly murders poor Grant and Jason is unable to save the poor guy. This being being one of them main reasons Jason tracks down and kills Vaas, though not too many sympathize the death of Vaas, despite how badass he is.
Not only that but Jason becomes a unstoppable force do to the harsh ways of the island destroying both his innocence, and even his sanity.
But Jason uses this, not for bad, but for the sole purpose of rescuing his friends and family...
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posted by Canada24
Everybody who touched o held the diamonds besides Niko, Luis, Tony, Jerry Kapowitz and GTA Online Protagonist have been killed. Ironically, Jerry Kapowitz was not involved with them in any way, and never even knew of their existence, but was eventually the one to have them for himself.

Sometime before the events of the Grand Theft Auto IV saga, The Cook had stolen the diamonds from rayo, ray Bulgarin. He then smuggles the diamonds por hiding them in cake batter, and brings them into Liberty City inside the Platypus, which is also bringing in Niko Bellic.

Eventually, Anthony "Gay Tony" Prince, his...
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#1: Packie McCreary:
Obviously I am NOT the only one who likes Packie.
He has his own character trailer, as dose Roman, and even Vlad.
Packie became so famish that he was brought back, in GTA 5.
Being used for heists.
These appearances are brief.
But at least we see him..

#2: Lamar Davis:
Franklyn's unstable friend, who is a bit less hypocritical than Franklyn, but also a bit less "sane".
He is always willing to pull the trigger, in fact, he probably enjoys it.
It's no question, he is known among fans..

#3: Roman Bellic:
Hate him o amor him.
We all know him.
I for one like Roman because he's much más "innocent" than most GTA characters.
Most people can relate to him..
posted by Canada24
He starts off friendly, but after tricking Niko into betraying and killing Mikhail. Dimitri reveals his true colores and betrays Niko por trying to hand over to Bulgarin, but fails.
Soon after betraying Niko, Dimitri became a major figure in the Russian Mafia and started his own cocaine importation operation. He was arrested but released for attempting to bring cocaine into Liberty City along with a business associate. After they went into hiding in Bohan, he discovered that Roman still frequented a gambling guarida, den in Broker. Dimitri was owed an unspecified amount of money from...
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As much as I amor grand 5.
It can never compare to GTA 4.

Partially because.
Number 5 isn't very serious.
It's much más comedic than grand theft auto 4.

In fact.

Grand theft auto 4 is actually a pretty "deep" game when tu think about it.

Niko is a war veteran.
And his whole life he was searching for the man whole betrayed and killed his war unit.

When he finally finds him, tu have the choice of killing him o letting him live.

Either way.
Niko learns the same lesson.
"revenge salves nothing".

Killing Darko leaves Niko to realize.
It didn't salve anything.

And letting him live, is arguably better....
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