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Ok, now that Strallen is a thing of the past, what do tu think about Edith and Gregson?

I think the romance was pushed too quickly too far. He's been in what? Three eps? He has an insane wife and i know it sucks but bringing Edith into that is too much. She's just going to be his whore basically. Also their romance is so flat. We've seen them have four conversations. Blergh. Whatever I just want her to be happy.
 teeheelolz posted hace más de un año
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sassylou221 said:
Their relationship is something true but Edith should remember of the consequences if anyone finds out what happens. I won't give any spoilers about series 4 for those who haven't seen it but those who have, must agree there's something fishy going, she's got a bb and he's missing (ok sorrry guys but that's what happened), anyway Edith deserves someone better than a married man whose now gone and she should probably concentrate on Tom, he cannot end up with that teacher!!!
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posted hace más de un año 
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