Saki, Gian's niece
I amor this episode in which Gian's niece Saki makes an appearance. Saki believes in ancient Asian legends and myths. Just like any other child, Saki too wants to see the liebre in the moon that makes arroz cakes .
Gian and Saki were sitting near the Windows when it was dark outside. Saki spotted the full moon and instantly was reminded of the old tale. She asked her "uncle Gian" if there really are rabbits in the moon making arroz cakes. It's difficult to answer a child's innocent questions. He/she will not be satisfied no matter how much we explain. The only way is to mostrar it to them somehow o postpone it skillfully. Our Gian was in such a situation.
What would have he done? He went straight to Doraemon. At first, doraemon didn't know what to do. Then he thought of something. He told Gian that there is an amusement park in the moon in the 22nd century and that there are robot rabbits that make arroz cakes. So doraemon takes Gian, Saki, Nobita, Suneo and Shizuka to the moon in the 22nd century. Saki was so happy . But as they were moving to the reception where a robot lady gives info, doraemon is notified that the robot rabbits are out of service. He calls everyone except Saki and tells this. Gian gets sad and doraemon takes out rabbit costumes. He asks Nobita and Suneo to dress up as the hares in the moon. They object but seeing Gian's dim face and Saki's excitement, they get dressed. doraemon leads the way, Saki, Gian and Shizuka walk behind him. Saki wonders where "uncle Suneo and Nobita" are. They reach the place and Saki beheld the rabbits making arroz cakes. They are grinding the arroz in a mortar using pestles. Saki impatiently waited for them to make her the cake but Nobita and Suneo were not doing it right. Their masks fall off and Saki runs away crying. She loses her way and the team starts their search. Saki trips and falls. Then the real rabbit appears and hands her a arroz cake. She had it and thanked the rabbit. It pointed its ear in Gian's direction. They see each other and when Saki turns back to see the rabbit, I had disappeared.

Gian gives her a piggy back ride. Saki tells them that she saw the rabbit. But they don't believe her. Suneo tells every one that she had seen a dream and Nobita agrees.
After returning, Saki sends Gian a letter. He reads it infront of everyone that siguiente time, she wants to see the king of thunder. doraemon runs off, the others laugh....
Gian gives Saki a piggy back ride
Gian and Saki
Every one at the park
Nobita and Suneo as the rabbits in the moon
The real rabbit
Saki and the Rabbit