Four years after the appearance of Mickey Mouse, in 1934 born a character destined to fortunate happening equally: Donald Duck. This is a gosling, devised from Walt disney and realized graphically from Ub Iwerks, but it is thanks to great designer Al Tagliaferro that Donald pato acquired that graphical style, funny and characteristic, that has contributed to giving to the comic strips amusing scenes. Donald pato prenda, prendas de vestir perennially like a sailor, with the buttons gilds and a little hat to that the ace characterizes he. Initially Donald pato made from companion to Mickey Mouse, but later on Walt disney comprised that a personage with these potentialities, deserved a Comic all he, with of the history that had to render it protagonist absolute. Therefore Donald pato continuous happened and still today to amuse the adults and the children with its likeable and adventurous history much. The happened one of Donald pato has had mainly to its temperament, opposite to that one of Mickey Mouse, that it represents the defects of everyone of we, in fact is a busybody, arranges troubles, stubborn, lazy, frightening, but invents always in order to be attempted a solution that it avoids little to he of hard work, sometimes succeeds to us, but other times cause many troubles, complicating hes life for a stupidity, above all because is plagued from terrible misfortune. Donald pato has been the protagonist of numerous animated cine and in many episodes they had the function to exalt the characteristics of hes personality. The history are in fact a lot amusing where we find Donald pato against hes eternal enemies: Chip and Dale them, two ardilla that ruin always the pic-nic organize from Donald Duck. The movie of más important animación in which Donald pato is protagonist with to Josè Carioca is without a doubt “the three Caballeros” an movie of the año 1944, acclimatized in South America. In the 1937 Donald pato was placed side por side from three personages who added to the hes history comicality and adventure, he was encircled from the three intelligent and wide awake grandsons much: Huey, Dewey and Louie. Initially these grandsons, little as they made Tip and Tap in the comparisons of Mickey Mouse, amused themselves to arrange jokes and spites to their poor uncle, than exasperated he got angry and to the end he arranged always many troubles, más than all the grandsons together. Later on they revealed themselves of the precious supports in the comparisons of Donald Duck, in many episodes are resolutions to help their uncle, from complicated and dangerous situations much, for merit of their talent and their intuito one. The three goslings make part of the body of volunteers of the Good Scouts (directed from the Great Mogol and when they find themselves in difficulty, they consult their “Manual” immancabile, one fuente of many resources in order to resolve complicated technical situations.If Donald pato incarnates defects and virtue of the medium man, Uncle Scrooge represents the typical capitalist, ready to take advantage of the job of the others without to pay them adequately, even if must recognize them a innate sense of the transactions and when he knows of being able to gain the double quantity, he does not hesitate to spend. They very amuse its reasonings from stingy, like its principle for excellence: "the time is currency". In spite of everything, Uncle Scrooge the uncle of Donald pato is most likeable just why it is sincere and frank in its defects that do not hide behind a finger. One of its más fierce enemy ones is Rockerduck, a nabob according to just to he in the quantitative one of money. Is its avails again in transactions and the two often enter in competition when draft to catch up itself for a first determined one businnes. Often in their adventures Uncle Scrooge and Donald pato in order to defend the treasure of the warehouse they resort to the inventions of they inventive relative: giroscopio, giro, girocompás Gearloose , one high and long-limbed species of owl, characterized gives of blond hats, cup green and a pair of pince-nez over the spout. This extraordinary inventor, cousins of Donald Duck, succeed to astonish to us with its ingenious ones and scienze fiction blots some that sometimes they defy the laws of physics and the mathematics, succeeding in even to launch the personages backwards in the time o the space. Always is accompany from a small robot with a light bulb head that calls Edy. Most times, but giroscopio, giro, girocompás Gearloose must invent of the machine in a position to discouraging the Smallish initiatives of the beagle Boys, a band of thievings irreducible that they try in thousand ways to enter in the warehouse in order to steal the money of Uncle Scrooge, often and gladly leader from the leader of the group: Smallish, identical grandfather to the other dachshunds, with the single exception of one small beard white woman and one pipe. The dachshunds come represent to tu like of the bandit graphically masked and supplies of mark prison number (176-176, 176-671, 176-761 and 176-617), embroidered on their red sweaters. A lot often comes dissuadeds in their initiatives from the thousand electronic burglar alarms of the warehouse o from gun-shot of Uncle Scrooge and the conclusion of their adventures, destined nearly always to the failure it is that one of being locked up in prison and to cry like children. But if from a part Uncle Scrooge he represents the avarice, Huey, Dewey and Louie, the wit, giroscopio, giro, girocompás Gearloose, the talent and Donald pato the misfortune exists an other ansarino, gosling that he represents in all and for all the fortune, is speaking naturally about Gladstone the most fortunate cousins of Donald Duck, than he does not lose occasion in order to mostrar privileges that he enjoys from part of the bound goddess, what that sends on all the furies the most ill-fated Donald Duck. Gladstone is beautiful, rich and elegant and could also not work in how much often the understood one to find some pocketbook for road o to win to some rich lottery. Therefore as for Mickey ratón is Minnie exists, also for Donald pato the eternal fiancθe exists and this is margarita Duck, one ganso mark from a large ribbon on the long head and gives of the eyelash and folte. Is much cake, but knows to be also much irritable above all when Donald pato it arranges one of its, is equipped of a great practical sense and like all the women, succeeds to always obtain what it wants, when it is put of engagement. That like Donald Duck, has three nephew that they are alter the ego Huey, Dewey and Louie, with which they enter often and gladly in competition, Emy, Evy and Ely are called. Like in many families, also in that one of the goslings there is a grandmother, this is Grandma Duck, mark from a chignon and a pair of it glances at them rectangular that he holds over the spout is famous for its prelibate cakes and its excellent lunches, than cocina in its house of campaign where small farm trains one. There is then Paperoga, a lazy cousins, distracted and always with the head between clouds, that it wears a sweater and one red gorra, cap and door of long and malcurati hats. But therefore as Goffy can be transformed in Super-goffy also Donald pato possesses alter a masked ego, whose mission is that one of the masked xecutioner, that steals to the rich ones for giving the poor ones, we are naturally speaking about Paperinik, been born in the 1969 from the fantasía of Elisa Penna. All but do not know that Paperinik is therefore an Italian personage, have not been therefore devised from disney and Carl Barks. Elisa Penna cue from the many parodies taken on Diabolik that imperversavano in years ' 60 ("Totς Diabolicus ", "Dorellik" etc...). Although its inspiration has been Diabolik, Paperinik is a mix of many personages which Batman, Zorro, Arsenio Lupin etc... All has beginning when Donald Duck, gains erroneously villa Roses, broods of former bandit gentelman the Fantomius (clearly inspired to the famous bandit from the thousand Fantomas disguises), coming to acquaintance, through a per diem one, of all the secrets and it makes up of the thieving. It asks aid to giroscopio, giro, girocompás Gearloose, than unaware of of all, contributes to realize the underground shelter, under house of Donald pato and many small useful inventions to the masked hero, comprised the several masks for the many disguises (just like Diabolik). Dressed with a coveralls, the cape and the black mask, wear a pair of boots with the motivatings force that concur it to complete of the prodigious leaps, use various pistolas with of the different property (paralyze, hypnotic beams etc....) and possess very much machine that concur it to scramble up, to fly, to operate por remote control etc..., same machine 313 can become a fantastic one bolide flying. The adventures of Paperinik see protagonist to it of one head all its call PK, whose adventures and the wefts, are difference much from those original ones of the personage. Other personages who make part of the world of the goslings are: Pico de Paperis, a relative scientist, Ciccio the assistant of Grandma Duck, Brigitta the crazy sweetheart of Uncle Srooge, Paperetta YeYe the most likeable one teen agers, Moby pato the sailor and the Porpi dolphin, giant Thread and very much others that would be impossible to lista them all. Between the many authors and designers who have contributed to the Italian happened one of Donald pato we remember Giovan Battista Carpi , Romano Scarpa, Claudio Cavazzano, Davide Pezzin and very much others.