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la elección de los fans: Leland
la elección de los fans: Beth
la elección de los fans: Leland
la elección de los fans: Yes
la elección de los fans: Fugitives
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oakleya77 dicho …
I am sending my prayers to Dog the bounty hunter family I know how it is to have a family that has cancer . my side of the family has cancer . I just lost my mom last yr on bladder problems. I watch Dog the Bounty hunter on netfix I am from Michigan . publicado hace 3 meses
Semismart dicho …
Dog.. My name is Bobbie Lee in heading to Hawaii tomorrow for 15 days from. Astoria Oregon... Im taking my elderly uncle who is Ill & this will be. His first and last trip to the Big Island... It would only make his DREAMS come true to meet tu o staff in person... If tu could find it in your corazón to meet him... I can be reached at 503-431-9784... Thank tu for your time... & may GOD bless tu & your family as he has mine... Please please reply... publicado hace más de un año
nellie14 dicho …
Watching this mostrar is so amazing and inspirational because Dog and Beth treats everyone equally. Yeah i heard a rumor about he dicho something about an N word. I never heard him say it so to me that doesn't count. I amor Dog and Beth and they are good people and i highly respect them for their heroism. They be putting their lives at filete when they are after criminals o such. But trust me they got this, they can handle it. and Beth that isn't a woman to mess with she will kick culo if she has too publicado hace más de un año