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This doctor who fondo de pantalla might contain concierto.

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this vid shows all the doctors from 1-11 enjoy :D
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fall out boys
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 David and Matt.
David and Matt.
We all know David Tennant has left Doctor Who and made way for the 11th doctor, Matt Smith. But many die-hard David fans (inclduing myself) just can't seem to accept the sudden change. Too me the 10th Doctor was humble, quick-wittied, handsome, charming and selfless. All the qualities that David made lucid and unforgetable. It was bizarre and dipairing knowing that his Doctor was... over. Don't get me wrong, im starting to like Matt, his versatile and eccentric performance drew me in instantly. People say he made the Doctor his own, but too me, it reminds me to much of David. The enternal struggle between who is better David o Matt, seems never-ending, and in all honesty it's a lost battle. Opinions will always be objective and arguements will forever alternate. I guess we all just need to accept the inevitable; Davids gone and Matt has replaced. We always have the dvds, right?
 Which side are tu on?
Which side are you on?
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