tu might be a Doctor Who fan if…

1. tu have debates over the best Doctor with other obsessed friends.
2. tu own a replica Sonic Screwdriver, and attempt to unlock doors with it.
3. tu make the sound of the SS while doing this, and quickly unlock the door yourself, telling yourself it worked.
4. tu know what Time Lord Rock is, and feel a sense of pride about this.
5. tu think Chameleon Circuit is the best band in the world.
6. You’ve written a Time Lord Rock song.
7. tu claim your refrigerator is a TARDIS with a broken Chameleon Circuit.
8. You’re terrified of gas masks and ángel statues.
9. Also people who repeat what tu say, and silent libraries.
10. tu look around wildly for the TARDIS whenever tu see a flash of blue light.
11. tu randomly quote The Doctor, successfully scaring family and/or friends who have no idea what you’re talking about.
12. You’re convinced you’re a Time Lord, and buscar for a fob watch in order to regain your lost identity.
13. tu make complicated essays on the subject of the best companion.
14. tu were genuinely disappointed when tu found out tu couldn’t major in jiggery pokery.
15. tu buscar the town for blue police boxes.
16. tu make sure the mannequins don’t mover in clothing stores.
17. tu ask people to refer to tu as “the Doctor”.
18. You’d be alright with being abducted por aliens, because the Doctor would save tu and you’d become his siguiente companion.
19. tu debate over what tu would say if a Cyberman asked if you'd enviar to the upgrading program.
20. tu suspect that Barty Crouch Jr. in Harry Potter and the Goblet of fuego is the Doctor undercover to fight the alien Voldemort.
21. tu cried at the end of “Doomsday”.
22. You’re genuinely confused when your attempt at using psychic paper doesn’t work.
23. tu always spell Raxacoricofallapatorius correctly, and know what species lives there.
24. You’ve watched ‘The Big Bang 2’ so many times, it isn’t confusing anymore.
25. tu plan on going as a Cyberman, Dalek, o the Doctor for Halloween.
26. tu now find all the Easter eggs on DVDs in hopes of finding a message from the Doctor.
27. tu stare down ángel statues whenever tu see them, and possibly warn others not to blink.
28. tu actually pay attention in science class.
29. tu buscar through history libros for some mention of a doctor with a blue box.
30. Your answer in Clue is the avispa in the biblioteca with the lead piping.
31. tu know the history behind Luke, K9, and Mr. Smith.
32. tu thought for sure Master/Doctor was canon, and were very confused when it wasn’t confirmed.
33. tu know the names of even minor characters.
34. You’ve gone on a mission to become más like the Doctor, even having one of your friends as your companion.
35. tu listen closely for a beat of four drums in your head.
36. tu ask your family and friends some preguntas occasionally, in case they were skinned for use of the Slitheen family.
37. tu buscar in mirrors for a girl with a red balloon that isn’t behind you.
38. You’re scared of scarecrows in fields.
39. If tu lose the instructions to something, tu say tu disagreed with them, and threw them into a supernova.
40. When tu become bored, tu spend your time por constructing a TARDIS out of Lego pieces.
41. tu had a thought that the professor was The Master in “Utopia”, and were pleased when tu saw tu were correct.
42. You’d be incredibly scared if there were such a thing as Satellite 5.
43. tu shout Exterminate at people who tu don’t like, possibly waving around a plunger o egg beater.
44. tu refuse to vote for anyone named Harold Saxon.
45. You’ve come up with diseases with the names of Doctor Who characters. Bonus points if Doctoritis is chronic winning.
46. tu buscar for people named John Smith in hopes of meeting the Doctor.
47. tu stare at anyone who is drumming their fingers on a mesa, tabla with a beat of four.
48. tu know who acted as all of the characters.
49. tu stare into your fireplace, hoping to see the Doctor on the other side.
50. tu would go to Gallifrey, if it wasn’t for the Time Lock.
51. tu understand what ‘Dimensionally transcendental’ means.
52. tu want a computer like Mr. Smith to continue the Doctor’s work on earth.
53. You’re terrified of ghosts in case they’re Cybermen coming from the Void.
54. tu want the opening theme on your iPod.
55. Over half the analogies tu make are Doctor Who related.
56. tu spend half an hora talking with your friend about how tu two are the twelfth Doctor and his companion.
58. You’ve memorized the code to deactivate the Cybermen’s emotion inhibitor.
59. tu were extremely excited when tu realized tu have a flashlight that looks vaguely like the Sonic Screwdriver.
60. tu wish the movie ‘Titanic’ was más like ‘Voyage of the Damned’.
61. Someone makes the emoticon ‘-_________-’ and tu scream “FACE OF BOE!”
62. tu spend several minutos making the TARDIS online with letters and symbols.
63. tu own one o más cutouts of the characters.
64. tu can quote entire scenes.
65. tu tried pescado custard just because of the Eleventh Doctor.
66. Your favourite frutas is a banana.
67. You’ve written complicated essays comparing the Doctors.
68. tu can name all of the Doctors companions.
69. Whenever someone mentions the police, tu think of the Judoon.
70. tu shout Exterminate! at unwanted work.
71. tu find that all your misceláneo doodling on scraps of paper turn out to be Daleks, o the TARDIS.
72. You’re very disappointed when tu look at a screwdriver, as it is not sonic enough.
73. tu believe in the coolness of fezzes.
74. You’re incredibly frightened of cracks in your wall.
75. tu spoiled half of Doctor Who after Doomsday to make yourself feel better about Rose leaving.
76. tu write ‘Bad Wolf’ everywhere.
77. tu spent several hours trying to understand the epic win that was ‘Last of the Time Lords’.
78. tu wish tu lived on Gallifrey.
79. tu sing Time Lord Rock loudly and wonder when people stare.
80. tu say ‘Team Dalek’ in response to ‘Team Edward o Jacob?’ questions.
81. tu study pictures of the Empire State Building to look for Dalekanium at the top.
82. You’re afraid to answer phones in case the person asks if you’re their mummy.
83. tu refuse to get a GPS incase the Sontarans plan to take over Earth.
84. You’re scared of someone eating espaguetis, espagueti out of the corner of your eye, because they look like an Ood.
85. tu don’t trust the people dressed up as Santa for Christmas.
86. o navidad trees.
87. tu wonder if anything terrible will happen in England on navidad Day
88. tu look in the phone book for anyone named Sally Sparrow.
89. tu bought a fez.
90. Because they’re cool.
91. You’re terrified of getting the gas at the dentist because of the gas mask.
92. tu sigh at all the things the human race is sending into space, thinking they’re drawing too much attention to theirselves.
93. tu idly wonder if there are still pig-humans living under New York.
94. You’ve prepared a speech in case of an alien invasion about Earth being a Level 5 planet.
95. tu wonder if our sun is sentient.
96. tu wonder if there was ever a headmaster of an English school named John Smith.
97. tu want to go to England for navidad to witness the siguiente alien invasion.
98. tu imagine time as one big ball of wibbley-wobbley, timey-wimey stuff.
99. tu named a trampoline Cassandra.
100. tu stared at this lista in wonder about how close it was to your life.