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la elección de los fans: DUH!!!
la elección de los fans: Yes! Bolt is the best!
Yes! Bolt is the best!
No they were better...( If so,...
la elección de los fans: Yeah, he was just annoying.
la elección de los fans: Maybe...
la elección de los fans: Yes!!!!!!! más Bolt!!!!!
Yes!!!!!!! má s Bolt!!!!!
No thank tu
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NemesisPrime92 dicho …
I have fond memories of this movie. Not long after my childhood inicial burned to the ground, this movie was released and I remember watching it and feeling so much better and más positive towards life. Truly one of Disney's greatest and most underrated features. publicado hace 16 días
xvBolt dicho …
Off topic but..
Got my first job!~ Gonna be working in Culinary at Sixflags as a cashier.. Hopefully! Training siguiente weekend~ publicado hace 1 mes
PolishBoltfan comentó…
Good luck :) hace 1 mes
xvBolt dicho …
hola everyone, If you're still in school. going back to school soon, etc. Good luck!~ Bored in school right now... publicado hace 2 meses
PolishBoltfan comentó…
Good luck to tu too :) School in Poland is starting 3rd of September... (Urgh) hace 2 meses