disney Which disney song is most touching/meaningful?

Pick one:
Great Spirits [Brother Bear]
Best of friends [The zorro, zorro, fox and The Hound]
A Dream is a Wish Your corazón Makes [Cinderella]
You've Got A Friend In Me [Toy Story]
You'll Be In My corazón [Tarzan]
colores of The Wind [Pocahontas]
Part of Your World [The Little Mermaid]
When tu Wish Upon a estrella [Pinnochio]
circulo, círculo of Life [The Lion King]
Beauty and the Beast [Beauty and the Beast]
Out There [The Hunchback of Notre Dame]
God Save the Outcasts [The Hunchback of Notre Dame]
If I Never Knew tu [Pocahontas]
Go The Distance [Hercules]
There is Life [Bambi II]
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can&# 39; t choose just one
can't choose just one
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Under the sea [the little mermaid]
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So close-Enchanted
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Reflection- mulan
Reflection- mulan
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I won`t say - Hercules
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When She Loved Me -- Toy Story 2
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Forget About Love-The Return of Jafar
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tu got a friend in me + When she loved me
tu got a friend in me + When she loved me
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