disney Which of my pictures I did for my remake of The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2(: The Revenge) do tu like the most? (Click on the pictures to see them better)

Pick one:
Jehan (Frollo's brother from the original book) with prostitutes
Quasimodo and Madellaine at the ball
Madellaine and her brother, Damon
Rebecca and her gypsy minions
Madellaine's blue dress
Quasimodo and Madellaine dancing in Notre Dame at night
Quasimodo and Madellaine dancing
Quasimodo and Madellaine besar in the rain
Quasimodo and Madellaine's wedding
Quasimodo and Madellaine's wedding kiss
9-year-old Madellaine and her baby brother, Damon
Quasimodo shows Madellaine a sunset
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