disney Villain Countdown Part 26: Pick the worst villain (least favourite, least evil,least scary)

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Evil queen
 BKG201 posted hace más de un año
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BKG201 picked Frollo:
People would be wondering why both Shan-Yu and Chernabog were eliminated (I would usually only eliminate one). When they tied in round 25 i put a tiebreaker but they tied again.So I eliminated both of them and put Shan-Yu as number 8 because in polls before he had a bigger percent then Chernabog.
Here are the top 6- Who will win.
7: Chernabog
8: Shan-Yu
9: Horned King
10: Hades
11: Cruella De Vil
12: Ratigan
13: Headless Horseman
14: Dr. Facilier
15: Sykes
16: Shere Khan
17: Lady Tremaine
18: Captain Hook
19: Stromboli
20: Percival Mcleach
21: Madame Medusa
22: Clayton
23: Ratcliffe
24: Amos Slade
25: Yzma
26: Kaa
27: Gaston
28: Prince John
29: Queen of Hearts
30: Bowler Hat Guy
31: Madam Mim
32: Edgar
33: Pete
34: Aunt Sarah
35: Coachman
posted hace más de un año.
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AllegroGiocoso picked Jafar:
This is really hard...
posted hace más de un año.
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Mongoose09 picked Frollo:
Not because hes the least evil, but because hes my least favourite.
posted hace más de un año.
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sugarcane15 picked Ursula:
I have to amit she's smart,but not that crule
posted hace más de un año.