disney Will tu please comentario on these movies, why tu like/dislike them? Please read first comment. This is for the disney sequel countdown.

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 Angelica_AW posted hace más de un año
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Angelica_AW picked Later:
Here’s the list of movies in the order they would eliminated;
Tarzan And Jane
Return To The Sea
Tinkerbell And The Lost Treasure
Leroy And Stitch
The Lion King One And A Half
Stitch The Movie
The Enchanted Christmas
Secret Of The Wings
Tinkerbell And The Great Fairy Rescue
Patch's London Adventure
I would like the good and bad of each movie. Your comment may be used in the article. :)
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AllegroGiocoso picked Yes:
Return to the Sea: This sequel is okay... I like Melody and I really like how Ariel matured in this sequel. I thought Melody's reason for running from home was a lot better than Ariel's and I like the ending of uniting land and sea. But it's not a movie that captivated my attention, and I found many of the characters annoying (Tip, Dash, Undertow, and sometimes Melody), and I think the animation is not very good even for sequel standards.

The Lion King 1 1/2: I think this movie is really good if you are an ardent Timon and Pumbaa fan. It's humorous, but has too much humor for my tastes. I liked Timon's back story and Ma, and I found the new young Simba adorable! But the humor really killed some moments, like Pumbaa during the Circle of Life scene, and I didn't care for some scenes like the slug-slurping contest. It also was kind of fast-paced for my tastes.

The Enchanted Christmas: This movie is sweet and I like how everyone decides to have Christmas over Beast's objections. I like how Lumiere and Cogsworth remained so lively here! But a huge problem with this movie is how in my opinion Beast regressed in this movie, which contradicted Beast's character development after Belle ran away in the first movie, and the animation in this movie is among the worst of Disney sequels.

Patch's London Adventure: I like how here Patch is given his own personality and I like how they kept the animation style similar to that of the first and also I was impressed with Cruella's new voice actress. But I *hate* how they horribly mistreated Pongo and Perdita, making them seem almost irresponsible, with Pongo saying that Patch is just one of a hundred and one: that is something that the real Pongo will NEVER say or believe. Also I didn't like Patch's new voice that much.
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KataraLover picked Yes:
Tarzan and Jane- I really like this movie, it's fun and has adventure. However I don't really see it as much as a sequel as more of a TV special. They just took out three episodes from the TV series and it seems more like a special they made, like what the old show Recess did.

Return To The Sea- I personally love this movie and consider it one of the best Disney movies. The songs are good, I absolutely love Melody as much as Ariel, the animation is quite good, and the villain while not as good as Ursula is still quite entertaining. However it's kind of just the original remixed, it's good but could have been better.

Tinkerbell and The Lost Treasure- I don't understand why this movie went so soon, I consider it the best Tinkerbell movie. It's the only Tinkerbell movie that is actually about an adventure, not that the other Tinkerbell movies aren't good. I really love the romance between Tinkerbell and Terence. In my opinion one of the best couples and one of the best Disney movies. However I do wish there was a bit more adventure and obstacles in it.

Leroy and Stitch- I like it, it's believable, and a great ending to the awesome TV series but it's just nothing special.

The Lion King 1 1/2- I personally love it, even though it's not as good as the other two Lion King movies. It's fun, entertaining, funny, kind of believable, and it stars Timon and Pumbaa. However it does at times have too much comedy.

Stitch The Movie- A great way to start off the TV series but it's just nothing special.

The Enchanted Christmas- I was personally really sad to see this movie go so soon. It's in my top 10 favorite movies of ALL TIME! I love the songs, the characters(except Beast), the animation is actually decently good, it's so touching, and emotional. It has scenes that I actually cried tears of joy. Belle is more flawed and realistic, this is what Belle should have been like, I love this Belle. The animation, while not as good as the original, suits the characters designs better, especially Belle. I love seeing the prologue for real. It features my favorite Christmas song, As Long As There's Christmas. This movie taught me what really matters about Christmas is to always try to bring joy and happiness to others and that God will always be with you no matter what. It's such a beautiful movie and deserves much more love than it gets. It's always been my favorite Christmas movie and one of my favorite movies and it always will. I can't think of any problems it has.

Secret of The Wings- I was expecting more of an adventure from this movie and while it's good it could' have been better. It's sweet and I love seeing Tinkerbell's sister. It's pretty interesting but it's not all that.

Tinkerbell and The Great Fairy Rescue- It's a touching movie with some good adventure moments from Tinkerbell's friends. I love the relationship between Tinkerbell and Lizzie. However I wish there was more adventure.

Patch's London Adventure- This movie is the reason I fell in love with Patch, one of my all time favorite animated characters. The animation is actually a little better than the original, it's fun, entertaining, I relate to Patch, Cruella is great as always, and it's a pretty exciting story. However because it's not long enough it doesn't get in some stuff that would make it great, amazing, and phenomenal. So it's good but not great. Plus I really didn't care for Thunderbolt or Lightning.
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Jayden-G picked Yes:
Tarzan and Jane - This movie is alright. It has some entertaining moments in it, but I dont think it is a bit underdeveloped. The animation is also not very good or fluid, and the voice acting could be better.

Return to the Sea - This movie is not the worst of the sequels. What I do not like is the lack of originality with the story, which is a rehash of the original. I do not like that the only character that had development was Melody, and it did not focus enough of the characters from the original. Also the animation is not good or consistent, and a majority of characters do not look like the same person from the original

The Enchanted Christmas - I like the overall concept of the movie, but what bothers me about this movie is that it completely contradicts the original, high is the worst problem for a sequel. It contradicts it in storyline, and character development. The animation is definitely one of the weakest of the sequels, as it does not mesh at all
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