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Sometimes I wonder if this movie just hit the theatres at the wrong time. After all, Sherlock Holmes is currently más popular than ever. And while this trend has reached a peak with the success of the cine series and BBC’s modern version “Sherlock”, it came in the wake of countless TV-Shows based on Sherlock-Concept, the most notables being House and Monk. One of the longest running anime out there, Detective Conan (in the US also known as Case Closed) is practically a amor letter to Sherlock Holmes.
Technically I should compare The Great ratón Detective to the book series Basil of...
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A dad is someone who wants to catch tu before tu fall but instead picks tu up, brushes tu off, and lets tu try again. A dad is someone who wants to keep tu from making mistakes but instead lets tu find your own way, even though his corazón breaks in silence when tu get hurt. A dad is someone who holds tu when tu cry, scolds tu when tu break the rules, shines with pride when tu succeed, and has faith in tu even when tu fail...- Unknown

Happy Fathers' Day! It's time to see who's the best disney Dad. Thank tu to the 15 people who voted and commented. Now here we go.

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Governor Ratcliffe: Wiggins, why do tu think those insolent heathens attacked us?
Wiggins: Because we invaded their land and cut down their trees and dug up their earth?
Governor Ratcliffe: It's the gold! They have it and they don't want us to take it from them. Well, I'll just have to take it por force then, won't I?

Wiggins: Do tu think we'll meet some savages?
Governor Ratcliffe: If we do, we shall be sure to give them a proper English greeting.
Wiggins: [holds up baskets of wine and cheese] Ooh, gift baskets!
Governor Ratcliffe: Oh, no. And he came so highly recommended.

Governor Ratcliffe:...
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mickey's navidad carol
we wish tu a merry navidad
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parte superior, arriba 10
Super funny. watch it pls. Cause mommy says. lol
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I wrote up this lista a while hace and I thought I'd post it here. Hope tu enjoy it!

10. WALL-E - I'm pretty sure that this was the first CG movie disney put out that I really fell in amor with. The characters are just so endearing, and the message is wonderful, if a little heavy handed.

9. mulan - I hated this movie as a kid for some reason, not sure why, but now I amor it! mulan is amazing and the action sequences and animación are phenomenal. My one issue with it is that Mushu feels very out of place to me, and he distracts me from the rest of the film.

8. Atlantis: The lost Empire...
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