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Let me explain what I mean por the title. (Since that's pretty much what an opinion articulo is for)

In the past, we have know Captain James Hook as one of Disney's most notorious villains. He's sly, underhanded, devious, and crafty. However, he is also one of Disney's funniest, with his demeanor around Tick Tock Croc, and his relationship with Smee and Peter Pan.

But here's the thing about Captain Hook, he just seems to be one of those villains that tu have to somewhat feel sorry for. He had his hand cut off por Peter Pan and to make matters worse, Pan threw it to the cocodrilo and because of...
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Here are some characters that I really like but nobody pays attention on them. Let's begin.

Helga Katrina Sinclair(Atlantis: The lost Empire)

I amor her! Firstly, she's a total bad*ss. She is maybe one of the strongest disney females and she can be very sexy at the same time. I believe she has a very interesting personality. Helga at the beginning appears to be tough and aggressive. I admire a lot her determination and her strength. But at the end of the movie, she saves Atlantis por preventing Rourke from escaping with the corazón of Atlantis. But why did she do that? We can assume that...
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Walt Disney's Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs.
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