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princecatcher93 posted on Mar 13, 2014 at 01:06AM
I got this idea from nmdis on the DP club and I thought it may thought it would be nice to have it here.

This is how this game works:

I will ask a question about the user,for example..

Me:Do you have any pets?

Then the one who sees that will answer the question and add his/her own question..

User1: Yes,i have a dog named Spikes. :)
What's your Favorite Disney Movie

Then the next person will answer his/hers question and add another one again...

First Question : Who is your favorite Singer?

Credit: missdada15 and nmdis.

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hace más de un año CRaZy_rawR said…
I love so many.. I would say Ellie Goulding is my favorite singer. :3

Do (did) you get good grades at school?
hace más de un año princecatcher93 said…
I'm in between I'm a straight B and C student

What's your Favorite Disney movie?
hace más de un año CRaZy_rawR said…
Well, it used to be HoND, but I am really growing on Atlantis even more <3

Do you know any foreign language?
hace más de un año fahmad27 said…
I only know high school Spanish and basic Arabic.

What is your favorite color?
hace más de un año MJ_Fan_4Life007 said…

Who's your favorite Disney Character?
hace más de un año ace2000 said…

Who's your favorite Disney animal?
hace más de un año glelsey said…
After many, many years of being indecisive I think I've finally settled on Judy Hopps!

What's your favourite non-Disney movie?
hace más de un año ace2000 said…
Probably the Sound of Music :)

What was/is your favorite school subject?
hace más de un año owleyes1316 said…
Probably math. I don't really enjoy any school subjects, but it's definitely my best one.

What's your favorite thing to in your spare time?
hace 5 meses k03remi said…
I like watching moveis. I used to watch Aladdin.

What is your favorite song that used Disney movie?? I like "I see the light", by the way.