disney has been around for along time and everyone's grandparents have probaly watched it.I remeber watching when I was younger, watching all these old old shows that are never on anymore. The classical disney shows are the best, mickey and mini, and all the rest and everything. disney is a child favorite, but not only do little kids watch it, grandparents watch it, parent, older brothers o sisters, cousins, friends, teachers, everyone does.Even teenagers have watched it at 16 and under even older than 16. disney is a inicial favorite. No one can ever forget Mickey mouse. Walt disney died remebering everyone loving his shows and rides, lets not let him down.

We all amor the Mouse, everyone has a favorito! disney movie. I have never met a person who didn't have a favorito! disney movie. That is because disney is popular.

celebs even have watched disney when they were kids and probaly still do. never forget that the siguiente time tu say disney is for kids. Your fav estrella might watch it. Stars like the Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez, and más are on it and watch it, they even play música for it, and are even in cine for it. Never diss disney again, because disney made the childhood memerible.