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 amor in the face of Evil
Love in the face of Evil
1.Vanessa and Gaston-they just go great together with all their vainety put together.

2.Maleficent and Jafar-both are sorcerers of some kind with a staff and a bird.

3. Lady Tremaine and Jean Claude Frollo-both look old enough for eachother and have those eyes that scare you.

4. Yzma and Dr.Facilier-I figure they can exchange voodoo spells

5. Cruella De Ville and Clayton-both enjoy killing animals

6. Madame Medusa and Captain Hook-Not sure, just seemed right. Both are really kind of ugly and hate kids

7. queen of Hearts and Stromboli - both like to yell and be in charge

8. Evil queen and Horned King-after turning into a hag I dont think anyone else will want her.

9. Ursula and Shan Yu- well both are very large and trying to gain a kingdom though its not working

10. anastasia and Hades-Dont know he can teach her something about humility.

11. Drizella and Sid Phillips-both mouthy, crabby black-haired brats

12. Aunt Sarah and Amos Slade- around the same age and with any luck he may push that gun por accident and shoot those darn cats

13. Madame Mim and Edgar - Hopefully she turns him into something just for amusement.

14. Si and Am with Flotsam and Jetsam- dont know how it would work, but both give tu the eerie creepy feeling of being stalked.
 Evil together as one.
Evil together as one.
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A video of the new updated Pirates of the Caribbean, complete with johnny depp talking about how he likes his character's animatronic.
As ppgbelle4 suggested, here it is! My lista for my 5 least favorito! disney males. It took a little bit to think up, especially since I amor several disney heroes. So this was a pain. But I did my best...so let's go!

Flynn Rider (Tangled)

Yeah, I don't like this guy. He brought nothing new to the table. I mean, he was sort of funny at first, I'll give tu that. But when I start disliking him immensely is when he is on the barco with Rapunzel. I mean...what? His personality changes radically. And I didn't like that. What happened to his sarcastic personality? It's not there anymore. He goes through...
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This is the final part of my countdown and for the most part the results don't surprise me. Well there are some negative people who don't care much about some of their looks en general, general everyone thought they were gorgeous. Just like with the last two artículos I will be telling the publics opinion and than my opinion. Each character will also recieve a comment. Please keep in mind that this isn't my opinion but the opinion of the public, enjoy.

 Too BIG eyes!!! And she's más cute than pretty. She only can be pretty from side view. Her protruding upper teeth makes her face not that pretty either.- LightningRed
Too BIG eyes!!! And she's más cute than pretty. She only can be pretty from side view. Her protruding upper teeth makes her face...
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It all started with a mouse.
little mermaid
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Inspired por those Japanese Viral video edits called MAD.
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little mermaid
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Sorry for getting this up so late. But good news is I got it up!

Congratulations on being the first winner of the disney Club's fan of the Month! tu may know how this works alright, I'll message tu some preguntas (All of them disney related) and tu just give me your answer for the articulo I write about you.
>First one
How does it feel to be fan of the Month?
I feel surprised! I don't even know that I win it. Thank tu everyone who voted me.

Favorite Animated Movie? (No Pixar)

Well, actually my favorito! movie is Cars <333. That's why I'm LightningRed. Okay, for non-Pixar movie, my...
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Most of tu knows I'm a big fan of Snow White so I decided to write different lists where she's number 1, but now I'll give other characters the spotlight. It was suggested por Swanpride so thank tu for giving me this idea though she suggested that I would write a parte superior, arriba ten lista of something I had already done, but I decided to put my favoritos together :)

Favorite disney Heroine: Maid Marian
Such an underrated, but great character. She's not supposed to be the main character in her movie so I don't mind her lack of screentime too much

Favorite disney Movie: Bambi
This movie has such beautiful animation...
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Ch. 18- buscar for the Puppies

The five parents decided to buscar near Tony’s restaurant thoroughly, looking through the corners and alleyways. After looking through every pile of dirt and every garbage can in the area, they couldn’t find any of their cachorritos anywhere.
    “We have to do something else,” Lady stated firmly. “Any ideas?”
    “Well,” Pongo answered, “There’s always the Twilight Bark.”
    “What is the…” Lady asked, but Perdita intervened. “This isn’t London, Pongo… are tu sure there is...
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