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 amor in the face of Evil
Love in the face of Evil
1.Vanessa and Gaston-they just go great together with all their vainety put together.

2.Maleficent and Jafar-both are sorcerers of some kind with a staff and a bird.

3. Lady Tremaine and Jean Claude Frollo-both look old enough for eachother and have those eyes that scare you.

4. Yzma and Dr.Facilier-I figure they can exchange voodoo spells

5. Cruella De Ville and Clayton-both enjoy killing animals

6. Madame Medusa and Captain Hook-Not sure, just seemed right. Both are really kind of ugly and hate kids

7. queen of Hearts and Stromboli - both like to yell and be in charge

8. Evil queen and Horned King-after turning into a hag I dont think anyone else will want her.

9. Ursula and Shan Yu- well both are very large and trying to gain a kingdom though its not working

10. anastasia and Hades-Dont know he can teach her something about humility.

11. Drizella and Sid Phillips-both mouthy, crabby black-haired brats

12. Aunt Sarah and Amos Slade- around the same age and with any luck he may push that gun por accident and shoot those darn cats

13. Madame Mim and Edgar - Hopefully she turns him into something just for amusement.

14. Si and Am with Flotsam and Jetsam- dont know how it would work, but both give tu the eerie creepy feeling of being stalked.
 Evil together as one.
Evil together as one.
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