Lillian and Annette
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"Go Touch it!" Annette gently pushed Lillian adelante, hacia adelante on the glass covered floor. Lillian looked back mad at her sister with her sudden aggressivness.
"You know what tu were the one who discovered the stupid thing in the first place why dont you?" Lillian replied to her suddenly stunned sister who in the moonlight had a look of dissaproval on her face.
Not many people knew but Annette had quite the temper at times. She had inherited it ofcourse from her father, and even though she was nice and polite most of the time, sometimes the tiniest stuff set her off.
"Well sure Lillian I will go get the big bad lobo while tu are terrified to get it!" replied Annette cackling as she took five confident strides adelante, hacia adelante and grabbed the glass handle. Lillian let out a slightly strangled sound, while Annette simply rolled her eyes at how over dramatic her sister was being.
Gently lifting the glas trying not to make a sound, she grabbed the book quickly and yet agin let the glass fall. It let out a small clank but wasnt very loud. The book still was closed, but Annette pondered where the key could possibly be. Looking around the room she grabbed Lillian's arm.
"Search everywhere" Annette whispered swiftly as her eyes scanned the room. Her sister began searching under tattered tapestries and curtains. Both were absolutly perplexed at how long it was taking to find a stupid key.
"Uhmmm...Annette....Look!" Lillian shouted in a shaky voice as she pointed at the glass dome still on the table. Her sister was about to scold her when she to paused her mouth opened wide and eyes big as saucers.
Under the glass was a delicated rose sparkling as a mystifying rosado, rosa glow surrounded it. Each petal looked delicate and shimmered beautifully. Under the magical rose was a lovely brass key with a note attached to the end with beautiful script that was unreadable from where the girls were standing.
Annette suddenly drawn to the glass took careful steps over the glass and over the broken chairs and made her way over to the mesa, tabla where the magical objects resided.
Her eyes trained on the key, she grabbed the glass once más becoming much más delicate with the handling of it then she was before and slipping it off the "gifts'." Placing her hand on the rose it stopped sparkling and shining and became a normal rose in her hand, well not really normal tu see it was the most beautiful rose she had ever laid her eyes on. Handing it to Lillian, who was now beside her, she grabbed the key and flipped it over and over in her hand looking at it then at the diary, a perfect match.
Finally Annettes baby blue eyes fell on the cream colored note and she shakily picked it up, now realizing that the cursive escritura on the outside dicho their names. Opening it with care Annette whisper read out loud.

Dear Annette And Lillian,

I shouldnt have told tu two about your past, o atleast i shouldnt have hinted about it without giving tu the story. Both of tu have turned out to be wonderful young women full of compassion and care, tu have a right to know about your "dark" past. I
I took this key from this room many years hace expecting something like this would come up. i was so thrilled when Annette found the diary finally hoping that tu would know but, it turned out to be harded then it should have been.
After tu read this diary I dont want tu to change your attitude towards anyone ok? Ecspecially not your father, he was trying to protect tu from the truth and he was right to do so.
What tu find in this book will be surprising and a little hard to grasp and believe. But even if it sounds just like a fairytale o a horror story, its true and really did happen and to the people tu know.
So go ahead and start lectura it, tu will soon find out everything is not what it seems.


"Wow" The twins whispered at the same time sitting down on a clear spot of ground and staring off in space. Moonlight spilled through the windows as the two continued the iternal battle in their minds trying to grasp what all the enchantress had meant. Finally Annette broke the cold silence as she stood up on her toes and gave Lillian a gentle questioning look.
"I have an idea....." Annette whispered quietly staring down at Lillian who was still perched on the ground sitting crossed legged with her skirts billowing around her. All she could do was nod. "Why dont we go get Papa and Mama and mostrar them the note, and the key. Now that they know the enchatress is playing games with the past they will be sure to tell us and i really would like it to be them instead of a old diary"
Lillian gave her sister a look of disbelief as their eyes met, brown against blue, then she let out a gentle smile that showed her perfectly white teeth."i think tu may be on to something" and with that she reached out her hand wanting help to get up. Annette grabbed it firmly and pulled her into a standing position. both smiled at the finally rare agreement.
"Lets go"Annette whispered linking her arm with Lillian and pulling her gently forward. both set off down the long dark hall casting shadows every turn they took but this time neither tried being quiet, instead both took moderatly fast confident strides towards their parents room.
When they reached the door both looked nervous again, they were scared to knock afraid their father would become angry with them for he was definatly not a middle of the night kind of guy. Lillian, with her free hand since her sister was nervously squeezing the other, knocked briskly on the door loud enough to wake her parents but not the servants down the hall.
Annette grasped Lillian's hand and held the key, the diary, the note, and the rose in the other. hearing a shuffling noise from inside she guessed both of her parents were up and both were probably wondering who would call on them in the middle of the night. Five mintues later, assuming thats the time it took for both to become presentable since they had no idea who was at the door and were pretty sure that person wouldnt want to see them in their night clothes, the door creaked open.
Their stood their father clad in a white long sleeved camisa, camiseta with brown riding pants and black boots, his hair was tied back as normal and his face was not in the happiest fashion. Beside them stood their mother who had on a modest blue silk dress with her hair freely falling over her shoulders, she looked tired but not as bad as their father.
Both parents looked at the girls questioningly, one más so of curiousity, the other angry that he had been woken up the segundo time because of his daughters foolish games, o so he thought.
"Girls what is it this time?!?" Prince Adam whisper shouted his temper boiling over as he looked at his now shaken slightly daughters. He felt a delicate touch on his arm and turned to see Belle smiling confortingly at him as if to ease his anger and stress.
"Maybe they have a good reason" Belle whispered in her husband's ear as he relaxed under her touch and ragained his tall composure. She then turned to their daughters and gave an encouraging smile telling them to go on with what they had to say. Belle was growing curious about what had the girls so shaken.
All Annette had to do was hold up the contents in her arms and give her parents a stern look. Both royals suddenly looked downcast and both let out a sigh of defeat. "We want answers"

"So tu were a beast!?!" Both Lillian and Annette screamed loudly jumping from their position on the floor. After the whole episode in the hall Belle and Adam decided they would have to give in and tell the girls the secret. They relocated to the biblioteca where they sat por the window, dawn had not yet come but the time was near. Adam had just finsihed the story while the whole time his wife leaned against his chest and told a couple parts of her story.
The twins sitting in front of them had worn so many expressions this night.Both were seated on the floor with there skirts in bunches and hands wrapped together. It had taken a while for them to realize that this wasnt some fairytale this was real and it had happened to their parents.
"Yes due to my poor temper, which took me years to get over" Prince Adam looked out the window over his wifes head and sighed a deep sigh from the bottom of his lungs. He was absolutly ashamed of his past for he didnt want his daughters to view him differently knowing at one time he had no control over his anger and was yes indeed a beast.
"Oh...." Lillian sighed disbelief coursing through her veins as she turned to the cackling fuego behind them and sticking her dainty hands towards it not able to look her parents in the eyes. Yes she understood why they kept the secret from her but she didnt understand why it bothered her this much that she hadnt known this before.
"Well thats just great! So half of our lives tu lied about the whole first part of your life and fed us just one useless..useless....lie!" Annette whispered venom laced in her voice as blue met blue in a stare down between father and daughter. Adam gave his daughter a stern look and was about to retort when his wife put a comforting arm around his shoulders. "Love just let her vent we have kept this from her for years she needs to let it out" Belle whispered in his near as he nodded in agreement.
"You know tu begin to think tu can trust people when in reality tu cant because tu know what no one is perfect everyone is going to lie but....this is such a bog secret, such a big LIE!" Annette went on standing up now and parading around the room waving her arm gesturing that she was mad. Her face was turning red slowly and Adam could have sworn he heard some people murmuring behind the closed doors of the library.
"You know what I need some time alone goodnight!" Annette nearly screamed stomping on the cold tle towards the towering doors. Lillian stood up and tried to grab her sister's arm when Annette snatched her arm away and growled "Alone!."
With that Annette ran out the doors of the biblioteca running around the gathering servants and down the corridier. Hearing voices behind her she still ran like mad down the stairs and to the entrance of the castle. Grabbing the handle of the door Annette estola a glance behind herself and saw a couple of servants trying to catch up. Opening the door let in a gust of wind that nearly knocked her to the ground.
Right now, she didnt care.
Mustering up all the strength she had, Annette ran through the snow and down the stairs on the porch. Trudging through the blinding snow she turned to the left in buscar of the old granero that kept all their horses. Finally seeing it through the what seemed endless snow she braced herself for más of an impact then ran full speed ahead.
Upon reaching the barn, Annette didnt lose anytime. she closed the shed doors and ran to the stable of her horse Adabella, the paint was resting in the corner of the granero but had been shaken awake por the frantic Annette.
"Come on girl we need to get out of here!" She exclaimed as she jumped on to the caballos saddle and got prepared to go back into the snow.
Bursting out of the granero doors Annette and Adabella ran through the snow into the endlessly white cover of the forest. Annette knew where she was going for she had found this place many years hace and in a since it comforted her, being alone was the only way she could calm down.
Flying past the trees tinted with white, she stared off blankly still remembering all she had been told. Her father had lied and this hurt más then anything. she was close to her father and this made her feel less trusting of him.
Getting to a small covered place in the woods Annette pulled on Adabella's reins and she came to a stop. jumping off her horse she ran to the small pond that was semi frozen but since it was covered so densly the snow had barely hit it. this is how she wanted it to be.
Standing up she finally let go of all her anger. Annette grabbed sticks and threw them against the árbol making each one crack under the pressure she stomped her feet and cryed until she could cry no more.
Ten minutos later she was curled up into a ball on the ground weeping softly. Annette sat up and brushed at her eyes wanting the swelling to go down. she got up meekly and walked toward the small pond to her left.
When she looked inside something had changed. she had changed. Staring back at her was not a girl it was beast. with fangs claws and baby blue eyes that were swollen from crying.
Annette gasped and hit the water making the image go away as her vision became clearer and now she could see a girl with brown hair and blue eyes nearly swollen shut from the tantrum she had just thrown. Ashamed of herself she curled up in a ball and remembered what the enchantress had said.
After tu read this diary I dont want tu to change your attitude towards anyone ok? Ecspecially not your father, he was trying to protect tu from the truth and he was right to do so.
Suddenly guilt washed through her and she realized that she herself metaphorically was just a beast. Throwing sticks stomping her feet was not what she should be doing in fact it was what a beast would do.

"Annette!" "ANNETTE!" Annette heard someone shouting her name in the distance and soon recognized the voice as papa's. Thoughshe was still mad she didnt want to worry him.
"Im over here!" Annette croaked out asshe turned to her refacción, reflejo and tried to get \her eyes to go down. But they were the tell tale evidence she had been crying.
Suddenly she could her hoofbeats and a man panting as if tired o maybe relieved.
"Oh Annette i was so worried tu could have gotten killed o tu could have...." Prince Adam went on and on as he jumped off his horse and tied him where Adabella was. Grabbing his chaqueta off himself he presented it to a shaking Annette. "Annette Im so sorry I should have never kept it from you, I just though tu would look at me differently o completly give up on me when i lost my temper o worse refer to me as the beast im sorry i jsut didnt know what to do."
Adam went and sat por Annette hugging her to him and trying to reduce her shaking but it only got worse. He began to get worried until he looked down and realized she was crying, no sobbing.
"I shouldnt have ran off I shouldnt have reacted that way tu were just doing what was best and i didnt think about it im so sorry!" Annette choked out between sobs now fully realizing how much she must of hurt her parents por calling them liars.
"Shhh its ok I...just didnt want tu to be ashamed of me" Prince Adam whispered as he pulled his daughter into a tight hug as they sat on the forest floor.
"I could never be ashamed of tu papa....I amor you" Annette whispered in his ear as she kissed her father on the cheek and smiled. Then he grabbed her in an even tighter hug which made her giggle as he dicho "I amor tu to my beautiful daughter."