Does this look familiar?
Hi guys, it's been ages since I haven't written a comparison articulo and since I'm going to watch The Lion King live-action reboot in July with my younger autistic brother and our dad.

The Story

While the story is original 20%, some of tu may not know that The Lion King is loosely based on Shakespeare's "Hamlet: Prince of Denmark". Only this time, the setting was changed from 14th century Denmark to Africa and from humans to animals!
The famous ghost scene in both stories play an essential part of the story, especially in the Lion King. Since Simba needs to assume his responsibilities as King of the Pride Lands, whereas in Hamlet, the título character's father was assassinated por Claudius (Hamlet's uncle) prior to the events of the play.
Finally, the ending is very different from one another, mainly because disney is well-accustomed to the Happy Ending from anterior adaptions of their original fairy-tale endings, Hamlet dies and Fortinbras, prince of Norway succeeded the Danish trono while Simba lives to see his Uncle Scar killed por his allies!

The Characters

Hamlet and Simba are very much like each at some point in the Lion King, mainly because they wonder who murder their respective fathers. Unfortunately, Simba was brainwashed por his wicked Uncle Scar that he murdered his father during the stampede, it was not until that Scar confessed to Simba during the confrontation scene at the end!
Whereas the spirit of Hamlet's father came and told his son that his uncle murdered him prior to the events of the story, both Hamlet and Simba must take their father's place to the throne.
Speaking of Scar, he strikes me as a psychopath who does not seem to feel remorse on killing Mufasa unlike his Shakespearean Danish counterpart, Claudius.

To Be o Not To Be?

So, do tu all agree with all of these points? Hope that tu enjoy the live action reboot this coming July!
A Happy Ending