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Notes: frozen is not created and owned por me. This is a remake of a fan fiction that I made months ago. This is a story for both fanpop and Fanfiction.net.

The kingdom floor was messy. Anna had left lots of stuff on the floor. Elsa almost tripped. Elsa walked to Anna, looking mad. Elsa was wearing a light blue camisa, camiseta and purple pants.

Anna was wearing a purple camisa, camiseta and rosado, rosa pants. Anna dicho "Hi Elsa. What's up?"

Elsa dicho "Anna I have told tu tons of time not to leave your stuff all over the floor."

Anna dicho "It's not all over the floor. I'm sure there are a few spots that don't have stuff on them."

Elsa dicho "Why is there so much stuff on the floor?"

Anna dicho "It's easier to leave stuff on the floor than putting it away. I'm saving us time."

Elsa dicho "I need to go shopping. This floor better be clean por the time I get home." Elsa tried to walk to the door, but she fell down into piles of stuff that Anna left on the floor. Elsa had a hard time getting up. Elsa's pants got stuck on a bookcase, but Elsa was too exhausted to notice that at first.

Anna walked over to make sure that Elsa was okay. Anna dicho "Elsa are tu okay?" Anna noticed that Elsa wasn't wearing pants. She used her hand to cover up her laughter.

The Duke of Weselton was in his lair. The Duke dicho "Bodyguards I'm sensing something. I sense trouble for my 2 main rivals. It makes me smile." The Duke sensed the upcoming trouble between Anna and Elsa.

Elsa walked outside. Elsa dicho "The breeze feels good. My legs feel nicely cold. Wait." Elsa looked down and realized that she wasn't wearing her pants. Elsa quickly came back to the kingdom.

Anna dicho "Back from shopping already? por the way nice outfit, but maybe not appropriate for outside."

Elsa dicho "You knew I wasn't wearing pants and didn't tell me?"

Anna dicho "Well tu should of realized what happened right away."

Elsa dicho "That's it. tu made the floor a falling hazard and tu let me embarrass myself." Elsa took off Anna's pants and threw them into a pile of stuff that Anna left on the floor.

Anna dicho "Not cool."

The Duke of Weselton laughed. The Duke dicho "I don't know what the monster and her sister are doing, but I'm sensing vile things."

Elsa dicho "Anna I'm sorry. I shouldn't of done that."

Anna dicho "Elsa this is my fault. I acted like a brat."

Elsa dicho "Lets clean up the floor."

Anna dicho "Alright."

Elsa dicho "Our pants are somewhere in these piles of stuff that's on the floor."

Anna dicho "We should find them."

It took around a hora for Anna and Elsa to clean up the floor. Anna cleaned up half of the messes and Elsa cleaned up the other half.

Anna dicho "I think we are done."

Elsa dicho "Did tu find our pants?"

Anna dicho "Sadly no."

Elsa dicho "Gerda have tu seen our pants?"

Gerda the maid "I found your pants on the floor. They were messy so I put them in the washing machine."

Anna and Elsa wore towels around their legs while they waited for their pants to be ready.

The Duke of Weselton dicho "I sense that my evil hopes led to a underwhelming conclusion. Darnit."
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This is an old idea that I had a few years hace but never got to, until now. disney Channel, a place that gave many celebridades their first breakout role that would lead to many other opportunities. Some end up being successful adults, some become train wrecks, and some fade away from fame and are barely remembered (despite that they're still in the business). However, if disney Channel and Hollywood in general, have taught us anything, it's that tu don't need talent to be famous, in some cases tu don't even have to be attractive o talented in order to be famous. I think anyone can sing if...
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Number 11 :Ant farm

I hate this mostrar with a passion . One thing i like is the interesting premise but everything else is trash . Chyna is fucking 11 at the start of the series yet she gets into high school . Where the fuck can i find that school. Chyna is annoying as hell who not to mention is favored at home.Olive is a douche who calls herself a good friend . Fletcher is stupid as hell . Lexi is a just plain stereotype WHO THINKS SHE IS TALENTED ! Cameron is the { sigh } " Dumbass older brother " witch i really fucking despise . en general, general it is harmless for kids but for adults { YAWN}

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10. Anna

I think she's really pretty! I really like that her hair is so shiny and she has such pretty hairstyles! I also amor her face shape because it's round, but not too round.Plus her glittering blue eyes are priceless and so are her long eyelashes. I think her rosy cheeks, freckles, and tiny nose are just adorable! I just wish her clothes complimented her nice body more, but that's the only complaint I have.

9. Alice

Wow she is REALLY pretty. I amor her thick, fluffy bright blonde hair and adorable but realistic facial structure. Her eyes are a strong blue color that really stand...
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Tarzan's "You'll Be In My Heart" :)
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you'll be in my corazón
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