The Jungle Book Poster!
Hi guys, this año marks the 50th anniversary of the animated classic that we all grew up with. So, here is my review on the timeless classic.

The Story

I felt that the film was slightly darker compare to the original novel as well as later adaptations of the story, the funny thing is that one of the lobos was voiced por Ben Wright, who would later went on to voice Grimsby, Eric's butler in the Little Mermaid. Coincidentally, this film also stars Darleen Carr, the younger sister of the late Charmain Carr (famously known as Liesl Von Trapp). Making Ben Wright to work the Carr sisters in 2 famous films.
The part that I like was when Baloo sort of came to regret on losing Mowgli to the monkeys and calls out to Bagheera, the other was the conversation between these 2 characters about Shere Khan.

The Songs & Musical Scores

Currently, my younger brother is watching it and upon listening to the opening scores of the film. It gives me chills whenever I listen to this music, my favourite songs are 'Bare Necessities' and 'I Wanna Be Like You'. These 2 songs cheer me up due to the comic relief moments play in both of the respective scenes!

The Characters

My favourite characters are Bagheera and Baloo, because they are like 2 fatherly figures to the young Mowgli.
I always thought that Shere Khan was the inspiration for Scar in the Lion King, due to their cunning and authoritative British accents. As well as their power roar during the final battle. Overall, he is my favourite villain after Scar.

Look for the Bare Necessities!

Enjoy watching and I hope to see the 2016 version soon.
The cast of the Jungle Book.