tu guys rock!
Hi guys, I thought that I would like to write some suggestions of disney is going to make a film that a movie featuring all of Elsa's international canto voices.

1) Care Bear-Like Film

I watched the Care oso, oso de movie many years ago, and I think that the film should take inspiration from this film! The story will be about a young protagonists who is trying to find his o her happiness with the help of the actrices themselves.

2) Detective Film

It would be interesting to feature all of them to help the main protagonists to solve the biggest mystery in the film's event, I'm a fan of Agatha Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple, so the film will definitely work out!

3) A Famous Musical

They could base the story on a famous musical with a little twist, it would be interesting and something different for Disney.

Which Will It Be?

So, do tu agree with these choices? Anymore suggestions?