Heaven's Light!
Hi guys, I had seen the film and the German musical on Youtube. I was very fortunate to have the Original 1996 Animated Feature soundtrack and here is my comparison on both film and the stage version!

The Animated Feature Version

Okay, considering that the film was tone down for Family Friendly because it's Disney. Several things like Claude Frollo was changed into a judge rather than a priest, he was misguided prompting him to go mad!
Pheobus wouldn't have kill Esmeralda and he's not engage to another girl name Fleur-De-Lys, I really like his character a lot!
Finally, the música was enchanting, thanks to Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz. I personally wish that Someday was sung in the film because it's a very meaningful song.

The Musical Version

This was the first disney animated feature to play outside of the US, I was very fascinated about how the Berlin mostrar looks like and from I read is that the musical is partially based on both the original novel and the 1996 animated film despite the fact that the story-line in the musical remained the same to the latter.
Like all musicals, Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz composed new songs for the film and Someday was also sung in the musical just before Esmeralda was put at the stake. Speaking of her, sadly to say she died in the end!
The 3 gargoyles' names were changed from Victor, Hugo and Laverne to Charles, Antoine and Loni respectively. Their comic relief moments were tone down unlike their animated counterparts.
Unfortunately, the musical was not successful in the US during it's premiere due to poor ratings.


Well, I hope tu all see the German musical on youtube before it's too late!
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