This is my submission for the fan made disney films contest. This film is a sequel to the 1951 Alice in Wonderland film. This film takes place years after the 1951 film. In this film Alice is 18.


Alice is 18 so she's a adult, but she still feels like a kid at heart. Since this film takes place years after the 1951 film she's taller and wears a rosado, rosa dress. Her older sister is impatient for Alice to act like a grown up. Alice gets stressed out so she runs and accidentally knocks into her bedroom door.

Alice wakes up in Wonderland, but it looks different. The place doesn't look as magical. Alice finds the Hatter, March Hare, and Dormouse. Since Wonderland is a magical place the Hatter and the others have barley aged. Alice asks the té party trio what happened. They tell her that the King and queen of Hearts died so Wonderland has a new ruler. The new ruler is called the Emperor. The Emperor is tired of Wonderland being the same crazy place for years so he's turning it into a realistic, but dark world where being generic is rewarded and being unique and childish is frowned upon. The Emperor represents Alice's fear of being a grown up and losing her eccentric lifestyle. Although Alice is dreaming she has a glimmer of hope that Wonderland is real so she decides to help save Wonderland.

The Emperor lives in a building that looks like a businessman building. It's very dark and plain looking. The Knave of Hearts works for the Emperor. The Knave captures the White Rabbit for the crime of always being late. The Emperor punishes the White Rabbit por breaking all of his watches.

Alice's plan is to mostrar the Emperor the positives of being unique. However the Knave won't let her seem him. The March liebre distracts the Knave por telling him knock knock jokes while the Hatter bursts into the Emperor's liar. The Hatter goes on a crazy rant about how the Emperor is ruining Wonderland. The Emperor is so ticked off that he breaks the Hatter's hat. The Hatter is sad about losing his favorito! hat so he cries. Alice is shocked to see someone as joyful as the Hatter cry.

Alice and the té party trio meet up with the Cheshire Cat, Tweedle Dum, Tweedle Dee, and the other Wonderland residents. Alice inspires them to not give up on what makes them unique. She explains to them that being plain is so dull that it's miserable. She inspires them to keep on being silly. The Cheshire Cat continues being a smart aleck, Dum and Dee act like goofballs, the Hatter makes a bunch of weird hats, and the March liebre drinks a big amount of tea. Alice and the others seems so happy that the Knave feels left out. Alice offers the Knave a chance at redemption and he agrees. The Knave continues working for the Emperor, but treats the Wonderland residents with más respect. They have a crazy party full of playing around like kids and having lots of tea. Alice feels like Wonderland is her inicial and hopes that this dream is real.

The Emperor finds out about the Wonderland residents being childish and unique so he decides that they're too looney to live. He hires the cards of hearts to capture the Wonderland residents. They don't capture Alice, because she's not a Wonderland resident. Also the Knave didn't get captured. Alice suggests that she and the Knave team up, but he runs away to escape the Emperor. Alice finds a growing cake and eats it to save the Wonderland residents. However the cake was old which means it still tasted good, but it only her twice as tall which is impressive, but not as tall as she grew in the 1951 film. She grew so much that her clothes don't fit her so she spreads some of the growing cake's crumbs on her clothes which makes her clothes fit.

The Emperor has a formula that he thinks will eliminate the Wonderland citizens. Alice comes. The Emperor turns out to be a strong person. He attacks Alice. She lays on the ground while the Emperor tells Alice that he should give up. The Knave returns, but the Emperor threw him into a wall. Alice explains why she'll never give up on the Wonderland residents and never give up her creativity. She makes a speech about the importance of being unique. The Hatter and the others explain why they amor being eccentric. The Emperor is so overloaded with "unbearable craziness" that he disintegrates. The Wonderland residents want a new ruler and they ask Alice to decide on it. She picks the Hatter, because he represents the uniqueness of Wonderland the best. The Hatter becomes the new ruler with the Knave as his helper.

Alice wakes up from her dream. Her dream inspired her to continue being creative so she gets a job as a film producer. Her sister says she's proud of Alice. Alice produces a film called Wonderland.

Character Designs:

Sorry for no drawings, but I'm not a very good drawer. In the film Alice would like a adult version of how she looked in the 1951 film. She would a lovely looking rosado, rosa dress and dark blue shoes. The Emperor would wear a dark colored business outfit. He would have gray hair and would wear brown shoes a black jacket. The other characters would like their designs from the 1951 film.


Alice's song to inspire the Wonderland residents to not give up on being unique. Name: Being Unique

Alice: "I know who tu are and what tu are now is not who tu are. Tweedle Dum and Dee tu used to play in the tar, Hatter tu used to eat a expiró chocolate bar, Cheshire Cat tu used to play a broken guitar, White Rabbit would never drive that car. Be unique, because being unique is being yourself. Don't be normal. Being weird is the new normal so be yourself. Be yourself. Sing along."

The residents of Wonderland: "Be yourself, be yourself."

Alice: "Every single 1 of tu is special. You, you, you, you. Everyone is special which the Emperor doesn't understand. Lets prove him wrong. It's been too long. registrarse me and sing this song. Be unique Be unique There's no bad o good in being the same. It's lame so be yourself. Be unique, unique, unique, unique!"