Soon after Minnie and margarita reentered the office, Scrooge got off the phone. “Donald,” he called. “You take margarita and the lads to the mall to view the camera footage. Let me know if ye see any thing suspicious going on in it. The rest of us will go view the footage at the Lucky pato Spa.”

Donald got up from the office couch, where he had been sitting and watching television. “Right, Uncle Scrooge!” he dicho as he started out the door, “We’ll let tu know what we see.”

“Aye-aye Uncle Scrooge!” Huey called as he and his brothers followed Donald.

“Right, tu can count on us!” called Dewey

“Yes, sir tu can count on us.” called Louie

Before Donald was out the door Scrooge called, “Donald, aren’t tu forgetting something?!”

Donald stepped back into room, feeling very confused he said, “Um… not that I know of.”

While Donald was searching himself, trying to make sure he hadn’t forgotten anything, Scrooge walked over to the televisión set and tapped it with his cane. “Donald!” He shouted, “You left the TV on again, and I do not need any más added to me electric bill!”

“When he heard his name shouted Donald jumped and then glanced over at the televisión set, which was still running. “Oops, my bad,” Donald grumbled then he called, “Come Daisy, boys, let’s head for the mall.”

After arriving at the mall Donald margarita and the boys made their way to the manger’s office. “Hello.” Donald dicho as he opened the door. We’re here to view the camera footage.”

The manger looked up from the paper he was reading, “Camera footage?! We don’t mostrar camera footage to just anybody, son.”

Donald replied, “Well, I believe tu were on the phone less than an hora hace with my uncle, Scrooge McDuck, discussing viewing the footage…” Then added, ‘Um… he sent us here to see it for him”

“Oh, McDuck sent you?” The manger said, “Well I’ll have hear that from him to confirmar it, before letting tu see the footage.”

“Are tu saying my boyfriend is a liar?!” margarita snapped

“Shhh Daisy!” Donald whispered as he elbowed her, and at the same time trying call Scrooge.

He soon had Scrooge on the phone, “What is it Donald? I cannot talk long we’re about to go view the footage.”

“Hi Uncle Scrooge. The mall manger says that he needs to confirm, that I’m the one tu sent, with you.” Donald dicho then handed the phone to the manger.

“Hello Mr. McDuck. This man claims that tu sent him, he’s here with three boys and lady who’s got quite a mouth.” The manger said

“Aye” Scrooge replied, “Those would be my nephews Donald, Huey, Dewey, and Louie. And the lady is Donald girlfriend, Daisy. And yes I did send them.

After confirming that they were sent por Scrooge, the group sat down to see the recordings. As the scenes played they confirmed who was behind the scandal. They showed Laura and Vicky sneaking through food-court taking fotos of Scrooge and Minnie the night before and during the luncheon. When Laura appeared on the screen margarita thought that she recognized her, and remembered having seen her somewhere in one of the mall stores.

“Hmm… She looks familiar.” margarita whispered.

“Shh… of course she does, Uncle Scrooge showed us her picture right before we left.” Dewey whispered back.

“No, no I mean I think I’ve seen before today.” margarita replied.

“You have? Are tu sure tu have?” Huey asked

“Yes I’m sure.” margarita answered

“Where?’ Louie asked

margarita started to answer, “Well, that’s what I’m trying…”

She was interrupted by, “Will the four of tu shut-up, I trying to hear what she’s saying!” coming from Donald.

“HMPH! Fine!” margarita dicho angrily. She didn’t say anything for the rest of the video, but sat there and continued to study Laura carefully, trying hard to place her.

Meanwhile at the Lucky pato Spa the rest of the gang was also busy viewing the camera footage. First they watch the footage of the spa waiting room. When the video, of Laura interviewing Scrooge, began to play they could clearly see that she was hiding her smart phone behind the magazine she was holding.

Then they began to view the footage of the parking lot. As soon as the video that showed Laura keying the side of the limousine began to play Mickey, pointed at the screen and dicho very loudly, “See I told tu I didn’t do it!”

Minnie, who was sitting siguiente to Mickey, hugged him and exclaimed, “Oh Mickey I new tu would never do something so destructive, even as angry as tu were!”

Feeling embarrassed, Scrooge turned to Mickey and said, “Um...Mickey I do apologize for not believing you, I knew deep down that a kind lad like tu would not stoop so low.” Then he looked back at the video and said, “But what on earth does she mean with, stay away from my girl?”

Mickey, Goofy and Max shrugged, not knowing the answer at all. “Ya got me.” Mickey said

“I ain’t got no idea” Goofy replied

“Me neither.” dicho Max

Minnie was deep in thought. “Hmm… I suppose, since she made the stories, she might have known that Mickey thought tu and I were dating, and did it to frame him and throw us off her trail.” Minnie said

Scrooge started to reply, “Well, I suppose that might have her intent. It’s the only…”

But he was interrupted por Webby, “Oh, Uncle Scrooge I’ll bet I know what she meant!”

Anxious to find out the answer he quickly asked, “Tell me, darling. What do tu think she meant por that?”

“I bet she was trying to tell tu to stay away from her little girl, Victoria, and let her win the pageant!” Webby exclaimed.

They all thought for a few minutes, and then Max spoke-up, “Maybe she meant both?”

“Aye, perhaps she intended it to have a double meaning.” Scrooge said, “Max you’re a smart lad.” He dicho as he patted Max on the back.

“That’s my boy!” Goofy dicho proudly.

As Donald margarita and the boys were leaving the mall, after watching the videos, margarita exclaimed, “I know where I’ve seen Laura Quackson before! She the assistant manger of one my favorito! stores.”

“Who cares?” Donald replied, “And F.Y.I. every store is your favorito! store.”

Huey Dewey and Louie started to laugh. “Good one, Uncle Donald.” Huey dicho still laughing.

“Guys this is important!” margarita said

“Well, anything that has to clothing stores important to you.” Donald replied trying to sound bored and hoping to change the subject.

The boys started to laugh again. margarita glared at them then snapped, “I mean it’s important helping us stop her!”

Donald and the boys quickly stopped laughing, “Well, then tell us. Where does she work?” Dewey said

“And how will it help us?” Louie asked

She replied, “Well, as I dicho before I was so rudely interrupted, she is the assistant manger of one of my favorito! stores here in the mall…”

Donald interrupted her again, “And this will help us how…”

“Stop interrupting me!” she snapped, “The store that she is the assistant manager of happens to be McFashions, which we all know is owned por Uncle Scrooge!”

Surprised to hear this Donald said, “That explains why she’s being so secretive. Obviously she doesn’t want Uncle Scrooge to find out she’s trying to make him look bad, ‘cause then she’d loose her job.”

“Exactly!” margarita dicho “We need to tell Uncle Scrooge as soon as we get back.”

Donald then turned to her and said, “Well I guess all that shopping tu do has finally started to pay off.”