So I did the segundo part of the Fanpop's Favourite Couple countdown from 1955-1985. These couples are from the middle of the Silver Era, to the end of the Dark Era (there are no couples in The Great ratón Detective and Oliver &Company). They are a bit más developed than the couples in Part 1, but they are still as bland and unrealistic as their predecessors. The romance feels más natural in this group as well.

Here is Part 1 of the Fanpop's Favourite Couple (1928-1953)series: link

11. Mowgli and Shanti

Even though they got last, they had some good things dicho about them. People dicho that even though they don't know each other, they found these two cute and innocent. But since their relationship was played out in the last 3 minutes, they could not avoid last place.

10. Todd and Vixey

There was only one comentario about them, but they received the most votos (and i went por votos in this countdown), so i went with this one. The commenter dicho that they were cute. This couple is so minor, so it was no shock that they left so early.

9. Taran and Elionwy

The final couple in this group did not make it very far in this countdown. The people dicho that they are a cute, innocent, young couple that grows, but others dicho that they consider these two just good friends, and even dicho that they consider these two fanon (even though they kissed)

8. King Stefan and queen Leah

I am shocked that they got this high. This is because there is not much known about these two, and neither appear much in the movie. They got the vote over the other three because there is más information about these two (they amor one another very much, and tried for years to conceive a child), and some of the others could be considered fanon.

7. Bernard and Bianca

This couple is probably the most overlooked in the entire canon. There was not much that was dicho abou them, but it was acknowledged that their relationship was slowly developed and realistic. They probably got 7th and not lower because the other couples could either be considered fanon, o they are not featured (their relationship is not focused) much in the movie.

6. Thomas and Duchess

This couple has a laid-back, and somewhat adult feeling to them, as the dialogue between these two are más mature (and subtle). People dicho that these two are extremely passionate, mature, and are extremely cute together. They kind of balance each other out.

5. Robin capucha, campana and Maid Marian

Looking at the couples that remained at this point, these two were clearly the most fascinating and interesting couple, which is one of the reasons why people liked them as a couple. They dicho that they were sweet and innocent (the typical Robin Hood/Hero-Maid Marian/Maiden relationship).

4. Roger and Anita

Out of the remaining couples, this was the obvious choice. People dicho that they were extremely adorable together, and are realistic and quirky. They liked how they acted when they were around one another, and was referred to the first Carl and Ellie of the disney company, which I do see.

3. Pongo and Perdita

What people liked about them is that they liked how they deal with one another, and especially because of the fact that they are parents, they have a más mature relationship. Their relationship is más animal-like than a human relationship in perros (if that makes sense)

2. Aurora and Phillip

The segundo couple from this group managed to get segundo place on this countdown. What people liked about them is that they are extremely romantic towards one another, and liked the aspect of Once Upon A Dream. Some felt that they were más organic than Snow White/Prince, and Cinderella/Charming. It was más believable too.

1. Lady and Tramp

People chose the first couple of this bunch over all the others is because even though they are dogs, their relationship is the most humanly realistic it if the bunch, but not losing the fact that they are dogs. Their relationship is a lot más organic than the rest of these couples.

Thank everyone for participating in the countdown, and lectura the article. Voice your opinion about anything involving the articulo below.