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I walked into the Art Tavern, and find Rapunzel sitting at one of the tables working on one of her many paintings.
“Hey Punze.” I say throwing my bag onto one of the chairs and headed to get one of my wood sculptures. Rapunzel laughed, and rolled her eyes.
“I’ll tell tu again, and probably a million times after this, I hate when tu call me that!” She shook her head, and continued to paint. I grabbed off the shelf my almost completed wood sculpture of the main building of the disney Academy. As I was taking it down, I knocked down a sculpted person.
“Oh shoot!” I quickly set down the building and set the person back up again. I look at the qualities of the mini, wooden, doll. I took in the green eyes, and raven black hair. It was Esmeralda. I sighed, and picked up the building again, and brought it over to a table. Rapunzel looked over at me.
“You should talk to her,” She told me as if she was lectura my mind, “She’s not dating anyone! Oh Quasi, You’re soo sweet, how can’t she like you?” I looked over at Rapunzel and shook my head at her.
“Are tu kidding? I’m ugly! I’m a monster! Someone as beautiful as her, would never fall for someone like him!” I took out my carving utensils and slowly started to touch-up the sculpture.
“Quasi, Beauty is only skin deep. Of all people I feel like tu would know that!” Rapunzel sighed, set down her paint brush, picked up her painting from the easel, and hung it on one of the many racks located in the Art Tavern.
“Well, I don’t see tu volunteering to go ask out Flynn!” I teased Rapunzel looked over in shock and shushed me.
“Quiet! Someone might hear!” I chuckled to myself.
“I highly doubt it the only people who ever come in here basically, are tu and me.End of story.” I looked up from my project for a second, and glanced at Rapunzel. She was admiring her many paintings. When suddenly she looked up at me.
“You know, now that tu mention it, I bet there will be some new freshmen into art. There almost always are! Aren’t tu excited! For our Senior año we can be great examples to the freshmen!” Rapunzel clapped her hands together, twirling around. I chuckled and shook my head. Rapunzel can be so childish at times.
As I got back to work on my model of The disney Academy, I realized that I finally have finished it. After all the hours I’ve worked on it, it’s done, complete, over.
“Rapunzel! Look! I’ve finished it! Now all I have to do is paint it!” I picked it up proudly and started to head towards the mesa, tabla with all the paints.
“That’s great! Let me come see--yaah” Rapunzel tripped over her bag and toppled on to me. The moment felt like it went 10 times slower than it did. Like a domino effect, when Rapunzel tripped and fell on me, my sculpture slowly fell out of my hands, on to the ground, breaking into pieces.
I looked up at Rapunzel, eyes stinging, trying hard to hold back my tears. Rapunzel’s hands fluttered up to her mouth, shaking her head.
“Oh, Oh Quasi, I’m so sorry, I, I didn’t mean too, it was an accident, I didn’t mean to do it---” I looked at her for a long while, and then at the pieces that once were The disney Academy. Then back at her. Then back at the pieces.
“Just, just leave me alone.” I got up off the ground and ran out the doors to the Art Tavern. I heard her in the distance trying to make it up for me, but I didn’t stop walking. Infact I didn’t think of anything besides the events that had just occurred until I got back to my dorm. That’s when I realized it. I had just lost my only friend.
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The Return of Jafar Ending transcript: And so the bird lived happily ever after wallowing in luxury as Aladdin's palace pal. Now, my dear boy o should I say, my new vizier? Oh, say it! Sultan, I'm very honoured, but... But?! What but? "But" is such a strong word!" Why, I oughta... I can't be your vizier. What?! Sultan, the boy's talking crazy talk! Don't listen What más do tu want? The world. Look, personally, I'm with you, kid, but let's take it one step at a time. I mean... I want to see the world. I can't just stay in the palace. There's too much to do, too much to see. Hey, what about...
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Phineas said"Yeah,I really amor her and I wanna spend the rest of my life with her..." "Don't get all mushi on me bro!So how are tu going to tell mom and dad but most importantly how are tu going to pop the question?" Phineas looked at ferb and told him he hadn't figured that out yet.Their're mom overheard them and she walked in smiling "Oh my baby!Have tu picked out the ring?Nevermind that your getting married,oh!" she dicho hugging him."Mom!I haven't even asked her yet."Then their dad walked in and said"Well,old chap Just ask Isabella over dinner." "You know that's a great idea,dad!",shouted Phineas.Ferb watching in amusent said"What a family." They all looked at him and laughed."I think i'll go look for a ring now,Ferb tu comin'?" For an answer Ferb nodded.They dicho bye to their parents and left to go to the jewellery store.
Number 1: The Characters

What separates the 101 Dalmatians movie and series is the fact that the characters are the different designs and personality.

While I personally hate the Dearly Farm animales (with the exception of Mooch), the Dalmatians are really likable. Lucky is kind of the team leader, Cadpig is the weird girl, Rolly is the overweight one, Two Tone is Lucky's girlfriend, and there are a lot more.

Number 2: Originality

The 101 Dalmatians series was actually pretty oringinal with all things considered...

Ducktales: Was based off Uncle Scrooge comics.

Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers: Chip...
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do tu wan to build a snowman
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1. Come up with a ridiculously cheesy plot.

2. Make all o most of your characters really, really, really boring and unlikable. If the audience doesn't wanna strangle the characters por the end of the movie, then you're doing it wrong.

3. Hire really horrible songwriters to write awful songs with atrocious lyrics.

4. Auto-tune the sh*t out of the songs. If your songs don't sound like they have the entire world's worth of auto-tune on them, then you're doing it wrong.

5. Hire really, really bad singers to sing your awful songs. The maximum amount of good singers tu can have is two o three at most....
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