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Chapter 27—Arrival At Home
    The group walked over to a crossing, and Roger told Anita, “I think we can get to the hotel on foot,” he stated.
“Oh yeah,” ángel whispered. “This is where Cruella picked us up.”
“Oh, you’re right,” Anita stated. However, Anita looked at the puppies, and stated, “I suppose we should let them say goodbye first.”
Meanwhile, Pongo stated, “I guess we better get going.”
    “Oh, right,” Perdita stated sadly. “Thank tu for helping so much,”
    “Yeah,” Lucky stated. “Now Cruella will be gone for good.”
    “Thank tu so much,” Lady stated. “You… tu helped us get together again,” she explained, rubbing her head siguiente to Tramp.
    “And tu helped reunite us,” Perdita added.
    “Well, goodbye,” Patch stated to Scamp and Angel.
    “Maybe we’ll have some fun sometime soon!” Scamp stated.
    “I wish we could go to Britain and see you! Maybe we’ll have fun going off somewhere in your plantation!” ángel happily told them.
    Waving goodbye to the others, Lady, Tramp, Peg, Angel, and Scamp made their way away from the hotels. But before they made their way…
    “Wait,” ángel told them. “Scamp, we’ve got to do something, don’t we?”
    “Oh yeah,” Scamp nodded at once. “Come on, let’s go to the junkyard.”
    “The junkyard?” Peg asked confusedly. “But isn’t that where that…”
    But Lady and Tramp, both knowing what was happening, looked at each other and smiled. Scamp and ángel hurriedly ran over to where the junkyard was, and then, the two of each other looked at each other, and with smiles, re entered the little hole where they previously entered, and they re-emerged with their collars in their mouths. They slipped them on their necks, looked at each other happily, before Scamp stated, “Thanks for finding us.”
    “Yeah,” ángel sighed. “I’m sorry for running off...”
    “Oh, that’s all right,” Lady told her. “But remember that your family is always here to amor you.”
    “Follow me,” Tramp stated. “Jim Dear and Darling must have gotten inicial por now.”
    Tramp led the cavalcade past the streets, and the industrial side of town gradually transitioned into a lovely set of familiar houses. At last, they got to the all too familiar calle with Jim Dear and Darling’s house. When seeing her little house, Lady cried with happiness.
    “Oh…I can’t believe this,” Lady explained. “I… I can finally go home! And take care of the baby…”
    Sitting on their front porch was their Aunt Sarah, in her rocking chair, knitting. Sitting sadly por her feet were Annette, Danielle, and Colette, along with Jock and Trusty.
    “Oh… I shouldn’t have dicho those things about Scamp!” Annette moaned sadly.
    “I feel guilty,” Collette added. “What if I’ll never see them again?”
    “Hey,” Scamp stated. “It’s about time.”
    Annette, Danielle, and Collette looked shocked, and gasped. “Why, you’ve returned!” Danielle gasped.
    “Yep,” ángel proudly stated. “We’re back, after our runaway adventure.”
    “Ah, Lassie! Good to see tu back!” Jock returned.
    “I see that tu found your little ones just fine,” Trusty stated.
    “Yes,” Lady happily stated. “And I found out that I found the best husband that I could possibly find.”
    “Oh, that’s very sweet, Miss Lady,” Trusty stated.
    “Well, we did it,” Tramp stated. At once, he loudly barked. Aunt Sarah, previously looking at her knitting, put her head up, and gasped.
    “Why, you’re the perros that Jim and Darling looked for!” Aunt Sarah gasped. She abruptly went into the house, and called, “Come this instant!”
    Jim Dear and Darling rushed out, and then gasped, “Oh, why, Lady, Tramp, Scamp, Angel, you’re all here!”
    “Oh Jim Dear, we have been so lucky,” Darling gasped.
    Lady rushed up the stairs, and then peered in to see the baby happily sleeping in the crib. Lady smiled, rushed through the house with delight, and then eventually went down the stairs. Alas, all was well.
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