princesas de disney The most magical disney moment?

Pick one:
Cinderella's swirly magic transformation scene
The Beast's tranformation followed por the firework kiss
Ariel coming out of the water in a sparkly dress after her transformation
Prince Phillip throwing the sparkly sword into Maleficent in dragon form
mulan swinging from the lanterns with the fireworks
The slipper fits Cinderella's foot
Ariel at the end of part o your world reprise with the waves crashing behind her
Aurora and Phillip dancing in the woods
Naveen and Tiana's kiss followed por their transformation back into humans
Snow White receives the kiss brought por the paloma from the prince
Rapunzel and Flynn in the barco
Pocahontas standing por the cliff with the leaves as John Smith leaves
aladdín and Jasmine's carpet ride
aladdín rubs the magic lamp revealing the genie
Flynn came back to life
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