princesas de disney What would freak tu out the most?

Pick one:
If Belle got really angry and started smashing the living objects in the castillo
If Ariel demanded pescado to eat for every meal...and platija went missing.
If jazmín loved buying tiger pelaje, piel coats...and Rajah mysteriously went missing
If mulan dressed like a man all the time, including a fake beard & appendages.
If Snow White forced the dwarfs to dress up as Oompa Loompas and make pies
If Tiana liked to implement frogs in every part of her cooking
If Aurora forced animales she met to dress up as princes and dance with her.
If Pocahontas tried talking to all the trees, even the non-anthropomorphic ones.
If cenicienta took extreme measures to make sure no girl was her shoe size
 princesslullaby posted hace más de un año
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