princesas de disney Which Princess dress/outfit do tu like better?

Pick one:
Belle's yellow one
Jasmine's green one
Cinderella's rosado, rosa one
Ariel's purple seashells and green fins
Belle's blue one
Sleeping Beauty's black/gray one
Snow White's blue one
Jasmine's brown one
Belle's pink/red one
Cinderella's blue one
Ariel's rosado, rosa one
Ariel's blue one
Sleeping Beauty's rosado, rosa one
Sleeping Beauty's blue one
Snow White's plain one
Jasmines red one
Ariel's Blue Sparkly one
Added by kateliness2
Jasmine's red one
Added by alexchoon
Giselle's ball dress
Added by Enchantedfan
Luchia`s navidad dress
Pocahontas dress
Added by aitypw
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Princess Tiana/ lilly pad dress
Added by MrsEric_M
Princess Tiana&# 39; s slave outfit
Princess Tiana's slave outfit
Added by kdfbugybh
i cant choose 1 i like em all
i cant choose 1 i like em all
Added by jennysoto
i like all but there are some which i didnt like...
i like all but there are some which i didnt like it
Added by shaffukhan
Rapunzel's purple dress
Added by pulgaenana
all of them
all of them
Added by jlow16
Lucia's rosado, rosa one
Added by Lucia333
Rapunzel&# 39; s White dress (shown at the end)
Rapunzel's White dress (shown at the end)
Added by tangledfan
Tiana's Blue Dress
Added by RionaFury
Added by Eilonwy47
Belle's Green Dress
Added by lilyrain13
qnastasia's fantasía yellow dress
Added by mientje17tje
Cinderella's Blue one
Elsa's Ice Dress
Added by Animals908
Anna's Coronation Dress
Added by GiselleFan10
Elsa's Coronation vestido
merida&# 39; s normal dress
merida's normal dress
Added by rinha2007
All of Ariel's Dresses
my togs kidd
Added by jazz_kidd
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