princesas de disney Besides the princess and prince, who was your least favorito! couple in a DP movie? (comment for my article)

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Mei and Yao
Ting Ting and Ling
Rapunzel’s parents
Athena and Triton
Su and Chein Po
Mulan’s parents
Tiana’s parents
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 SarahCorine posted hace más de un año
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blablablu95 picked Ting Ting and Ling:
actually all of the princesses and soldiers from Mulan 2 are awful couples!
posted hace más de un año.
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ppgbelle4 picked Ting Ting and Ling:
^ I agree. All three pairings need to go.
posted hace más de un año.
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milky-way picked Mei and Yao:
Ew. No wonder I hate that movie.
posted hace más de un año.