princesas de disney Who do tu think is the BEST supporting actor from Beauty and the Beast? Choose the one who gives the most moral support, aid, and courage to Belle.

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 DreamyGal posted hace más de un año
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CuteDiana picked Chip:
well, he helped Belle and her father to get out of the basement so Belle could go the the Beast.
posted hace más de un año.
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Mongoose09 picked Chip:
Without Chip, Belle would still be trapped in the 'crazy place' and would not have got to the Beast in time to save him, thus meaning the spell would not be lifted, the Beast would be dead, and the objects would stay objects forever.
posted hace más de un año.
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cromulanfav picked Lumiere:
What? Chip?

I just don't feel like Chip is very helpful in general. I think Lumiere or Maurice. But mostly Lumiere because her tried to make Belle feel good in the castle. He often tried to create romantic atmosphere between belle and Beast, and he kinda led whole story
posted hace más de un año.
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percyandpotter picked Lumiere:
Maurice was Belle's motivation, but he didn't really do anything.
posted hace más de un año.
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lepetitsouris picked Chip:
I think Lumiere did more for the Beast by creating the romantic mood and trying to make her stay there. If anything, he was a tad selfish because if he didn't do something, HE wouldn't ever be a human again. I think Chip was innocent and really only wanted to make friends. He helped Belle and Maurice be freed so they could get to the Beast's castle.

Maurice didn't do that much either. Sure he probably raised her well, but that wasn't shown in the movie. In the movie itself, he was always trying to help, but he never did. Getting Gaston showed that he cared, but it really turned out bad for Belle and the Beast.
posted hace más de un año.