princesas de disney New icono Countdown:Round#1, 51 iconos Left, 10 Teams, The one with the least votos will be up for elimination.... TEAM# 10 Pick who do u want to continue.

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38 fans picked:
Tiffany88's jazmín
Totallyme105's Belle and the Beast
Livelydebate's Belle and Beast
Princesslullaby's Naveen
Pretty_Angel92's Snow White
Dweeb's Ariel 2
 BKG201 posted hace más de un año
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nevermind606 picked Princesslullaby's Naveen:
I love it! ACHIDANZA!
posted hace más de un año.
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BKG201 picked Tiffany88's jazmín:
Any more suggestion will only be taken this round.
Cruella your Cruella De Vil one was deleted because it had nothing to do with Disney Princesses
posted hace más de un año.
last edited hace más de un año