princesas de disney Father's día Countdown! Round 5: favorito! Overprotective Father

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King Triton
King Frederic
Chief Tui
Elsa and Anna's father
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 BB2010 posted hace 1 mes
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BB2010 picked King Frederic:
Father - James
Relationship with child - Maurice and Belle
Quote to a child - "The greatest gift and honor, is having you for a daughter."
Looks the most like his son - Cassim
Protective Father
Father marrying/attempting to marry off his child (for arranged marriages or matchmaking or because the law says so)
Disney animated dads
posted hace 1 mes.
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KataraLover picked King Triton:
The only one I actually like. The other three are AWFUL and ANNOYING!
posted hace 1 mes.
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ApplesauceDoctr picked King Triton:
By far.
posted hace 1 mes.