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princesas de disney Which Classic Couple do tu like more?

20 fans picked:
Aurora/Prince Phillip
Cinderella/Prince Charming
Snow White/Prince Florian
 BB2010 posted hace 2 meses
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sunnyfields picked Aurora/Prince Phillip:
They are so sweet together <3
posted hace 2 meses.
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magicworld_88 picked Aurora/Prince Phillip:
I like the others Two but i prefer phillip and aurora
posted hace 2 meses.
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tiffany88 picked Cinderella/Prince Charming:
They are basically all the same, no history, no chemistry between them. Randomly picked Cindy 'cause at least she worked for her happines a bit.
posted hace 2 meses.
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JungleQueen13 picked Snow White/Prince Florian:
They're just adorable together!
posted hace 2 meses.